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Major Search Engines:

[From SearchEngine Watch]

"Why are these considered to be "major" search engines?

Because they are either well-known or well-used. For webmasters, the major search engines are the most important places to be listed, because they can potentially generate so much traffic.

For searchers, well-known, commercially-backed search engines generally mean more dependable results. These search engines are more likely to be well-maintained and upgraded when necessary, to keep pace with the growing web.


Physics Search Engines
  • AstroWeb Index - Search for Astronomy and Astrophysics information on the Internet.
  • TechXtra: Find articles, key websites, books, the latest industry news,
    job announcements, ejournals, eprints, technical reports,
    the latest research, thesis & dissertations and more!
  • Physics Web Search by - Search cyberspace for physics departments, physical societies, scientific journals, career opportunities, software and more.
  • SciNet Science Search - Delve into this science search engine and directory, which allows users to research a wide range of subjects, from agriculture to technology. Users can rate sites and leave comments.

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