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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Title Page Specifications

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To view a sample title page (formatted as a PDF file), click here .

  • All reports must include a title page that fits the die-cut report cover. 

  • Note: Your divisional administrative support person may have a macro on his or her computer, to do this.  If not, use these measurements to place your text in the die-cut window: 
    • 2" from the top margin; 
    • 2" from the left & right margins; 
    • 6 ½ " from the bottom of the page.
  • Covers are located in the Library, Room NW16-155. 
  • The following specifications apply:
    Title centered. 
    Random Snack Break Results
    for the PSFC Team
    Author list.
    Standard format of Last name, First initial, with each author's name separated by a comma.  Non-PSFC authors are indicated with a symbol referring to their address.
    Einstein, A., Hancock, J.M., Stewart-Gardner, I.,
    McGoo, M., McDonald, O.F.*., Piper, P.
    Author's address, if not PSFC
    * United Farm Industries Poultry Research Division
    Chick Hen Laboratory for Agricultural Science
    Purdue University, West Lafayette IN
    PSFC Report number in upper left-hand corner.  Do not "zero fill", i.e. report number 11 should not be typed as 011
    If applicable, DOE report number in the upper right-hand corner. 
    Note: This is necessary for some RR reports.
    Month and year of publication.
    June 2001
    The grant or contract statement AND permission-to-reproduce statement. This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Grant No. AB-CD-EF01-2345. Reproduction, translation, publication, use and disposal, in whole or in part, by or for the United States government is permitted.
    Journal submitted to (if applicable)
    Submitted for publication to Very Hot Plasmas Weekly.
    PSFC address
    Plasma Science and Fusion Center
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Cambridge MA 02139 USA