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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Defining Type 1 Font Format

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Defining Type 1 Font Format

Type 1 is the name of the worldwide standard for digital type software (International Standards Organization outline font standard, ISO 9541). It was first developed by Adobe Systems for use in PostScript(TM) printers. Although Adobe is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Type 1 software and maintains the standards for Type 1, hundreds of companies around the world have designed and released more than 30,000 fonts in the Type 1 format. 

Type 1 is the only digital type format recognized on every computer platform from micro- computers to mainframes. It will print on virtually every printer, either directly through built-in PostScript language interpreting, or through add-on utilities, such as Adobe Type Manager. 

The TrueType(TM) format was developed by Microsoft Corporation and Apple Computer for use in their proprietary operating environments to improve the low-quality bitmap fonts originally used in those systems. Like Type 1, the format for TrueType is available to any interested party.