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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Fonts & Electronic Publishing

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The type of fonts used for electronic publishing makes a considerable impact upon the quality of the document displayed on screen.


This section contains specific instructions for authors to evaluate and change the fonts used in documents submitted for electronic publishing.


  • Font Formats
  • Defining Type 1 Font Format
  • Why Type 1?
  • What is the PostScript Language?
  • PostScript Type 1 and Type 3 Fonts: A Comparision & General Information
    • Type 1 Fonts
    • Advantages of Type 1 Fonts
    • Type 3 Fonts
    • Advantages of Type 3 Fonts
    • Distinguishing Type 1 from Type 3 Fonts
    • Comparing Icons
    • Comparing On-Screen Appearance
    • Checking a Font File's PostScript Code
    • Checking a Font File's Resource Fork
  • Creating quality Adobe PDF files from TeX with DVIPS
    • Backgound 
    • Using Type 1 Fonts with DVIPS
    • Creating the Font Map File 
    • Referencing the Font Map File
    • Using a Font Map File On a Per-Job Basis 
    • Converting a Postscript Language File to PDF Using Acrobat Distiller 
    • Forcing Font Subsetting
    • Checking the PDF File 
    • Reference and Resources 
    • Terms & Concepts