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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Overview

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The process of posting reports is either "direct" or by "conversion:" 
  • Direct--you provide us with a file format that can be posted directly to the web pages.
  • Conversion--we will use software tools to convert your report. 
For each report, we need electronic copies of your source files and, depending on the type of your source file, a PostScript version.  (All of this is explained in detail in the instructions labeled, Format Specifications   -- Fonts, Document Types, Figures).

  • At the present time, we are posting reports in PDF (Portable Document Format) whenever possible and/or HTML (HyperText Markup Language). If you provide us with either of these formats, we will post these directly.

  • If your report is not in PDF or HTML, we will use various software tools to convert it.  If we are unable to produce satisfactory HTML or PDF files, we will post a PostScript file, if available. 

  • With reports for which there is no electronic version, either the text will be scanned in page by page or a hypertext link will be made from the abstract web page to the MIT Libraries' Document Services department, for instructions on how to order a paper copy. 

  • We need you to proofread the result of a file conversion before we post it on the Web. Because equations can be changed or corrupted by format conversions, it is of particular importance that you examine each equation carefully.