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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Naming Files

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Please name your files as explained below when you transfer them to us via FTP . Our objective is to have as much information as possible about the file type
in the filename itself. 

Additional descriptive information in the filename is welcome, such as 98ja015_full_word97_win95.doc in the examples below. 


  • Abstract in HTML format -- 1999 Research Report 2

  • 99rr002_abs.html
  • Full text in TeX format -- 1999 Journal Article 31 

  • 99ja031_full.tex
  • Full text in LaTeX format 

  • 99ja031_full_latex.tex
  • Full text in Word 97 for Windows 95 format 

  • 99ja015_full_word97_win95.doc
  • Full text in PDF format 

  • 99ja001_full.pdf
  • Figure 13 as a separate GIF file 

  • 99ja020_fig13.gif


The filename starts with the year, followed by the series type (JA or RR), and then the unique three digit report number (e.g. 002, 015, 025).  That string is followed by an 'underscore' and an abbreviated description: 

_abs for the abstract 
_full for the full paper 
_figXX for figure number XX

The filename is completed with a file type specification (preceded by a 'dot'): 

Web HyperText Markup Language

Portable Document Format


Microsoft Word

ASCII text, acceptable for abstracts only

TeX or LaTeX

Graphic image file for a "figure" that is not embedded in your paper.  PDF and PS may also be used for separate figures.

Compressed formats for photographic image referenced as a figure.


In numbering reports, we assign numbers from 1 to 100.   Although report numbers should appear with no "zero fill" on the title page, we do "zero fill" for electronic file naming.


  • 15th JA report of 1999

  • PSFC/JA-99-15 (on title page without "zero fill" for the number 15)
    99JA015_full.pdf (electronic file name with "zero fill")
  • 45th RR report of 2000

  • PSFC/RR-00-45 (on title page without "zero fill" for the number 45)
    00JA045_abs.html (electronic file name with "zero fill")