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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Format Specifications

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The Library would like to receive copies of the source file(s) for each report.   Even if we do not have the software tools to work with your source files, we will retain copies in our electronic archives for future retrieval, should the standard web document viewing platform change. 


You may submit your report as a PostScript file that you produced with your own word-processing or typesetting software. To ascertain the accuracy of this conversion, we suggest that you print and proofread it.  This output could then be used as your paper copy submission. 

We will attempt to convert your PS file to PDF by using Adobe Distiller.  A necessary condition for this conversion to be satisfactory is that all fonts must be Type 1.


  • Type 1 Fonts 

  • Acceptable for conversion
    Type 1 fonts are outline fonts that can be scaled to any size. 
  • Type 2 fonts 

  • Unsatisfactory for conversion 
    Type 2 fonts are bitmap fonts that are generated in a specific size for a specific printer resolution at the time your PS file is produced. 
For an explanation of fonts and other related conversion information, consult the Library's information pages on Fonts for Electronic Publishing
If you provide us a Microsoft Word document, we will try to produce a PDF file by using the Adobe Acrobat "PDF Writer" pseudo-printer driver. We also have the ability to produce HTML from Word, but the results are not always satisfactory for a full report. 
A Note on Microsoft Word Compatibility Issues 
The Library has Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows. If your Microsoft Word file was produced by any other version of word, PDF conversion by the Library may be unsatisfactory because of font and format changes.   Font compatibility problems may arise even when the Library has the same version of Word that you use, because the Library may not have all of the same fonts.   Use of a third-party equation editor can also prevent the Library from being able to work with your Word file.


If we are unable to convert your file(s) using software tools, we have the option of using our optical scanner to convert a paper copy to a PDF file with Adobe Capture.


    Graphic images, tables, etc., that are not embedded in your report may be submitted in the following formats. In general, we will try to post these files on the Web as you provide them. We will attempt to convert PS and EPS files to PDF.
    Acceptable Image Formats:
    • GIF: Graphic Image Format
    • JPEG: Compressed format for photographic image
    • PS or EPS: PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript