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Instructions for PSFC Authors: Submission of Abstracts

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Important Note: For each report, an abstract is needed is in addition to the full text file.


The web pages containing abstracts are designed for quick reading (i.e., no special viewers/readers are needed), which is why we are posting abstracts in HTML. The Library will convert abstracts sent in any other format to HTML. 

We require an electronic copy of the abstract for each report, even if the full report is not available in electronic form or will not be posted on the Web. 

Please submit the abstract as a separate file, even when the content of the abstract appears as a header in the full report. 

Send your abstract to the library using the FTP and file-naming protocols requested. 

  • 99rr001_abs.html 
  • 99ja020_abs.html 
  • 99ja035_abs.txt


  • HTML

  • We will convert to HTML if you do not provide HTML. 
    For an example of an HTML formatted abstract, view our sample
  • TXT (ASCII text) 

  • ASCII text limits the ability to use special formats or symbols: excluded formatting includes: italics, underlining, superscripts, and subscripts.  Greek characters must be spelled out as English names.
  • TeX and LaTeX 

  • We will use Ian Hutchinson's TTH program to convert to HTML. 
  • DOC (Microsoft Word) 

  • We will attempt Word 2000's conversion to HTML.  If the result is unsatisfactory, we will work with you to find another solution
  • Report Number 

  • Title 

  • Author List:

  • Lastname first, followed by a comma and the firstname and initial(s). Separate names by semicolons. (Smith, Dave R.; Peters, Mary R.) 
    Include addresses for any authors affiliated with other institutions. 

  • Abstract Body