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Instructions for PSFC Authors: obtain a NUMBER

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Report Dissemination Form: "The Blue Form"

    To obtain a report number, call or email the Library.



    • Report numbers are issued for completed reports only according to the following series designations:
      • JA  ( "Journal Article" ): for preprints--manuscripts in process of submission to scientific journals
      • RR ("Research Reports"): for quarterly reports, theses, and texts not submitted to scientific journals for publication
      • CP ("Conference Proceeding"): for manuscripts submitted for publication in conference proceedings. This designation is rarely used (1997+) since many conference proceedings are published in journals (hence a JA designation is more appropriate) .
      • IR ("Internal Reports"): for PSFC and MIT proprietary information not published for research information dissemination.   Usually, the IR designation is used for the PSFC Report to the [MIT] President.
    • Reports numbers are assigned sequentially, by series.
    • Some RR reports are assigned a PSFC report number and a DOE report number.   Currently, this applies to Alcator-sponsored graduate theses.  The prefix is DOE-ER-54512 (for example, a graduate thesis assigned the number  PSFC/RR-05-55 may also have the number DOE-ER-54512-999.)