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Recommended Databases
(Available to MIT community via VERA ):

Self-searching, Web-based databases include those licensed through the MIT main libraries. 

Many databases licensed through the Institute require an
MIT certificate installed on your computer for access.

The type of information for which you are searching and the subject area of interest determine the database(s) to use.  Databases of particular interest to the PSFC community include: 

Other Databases, no certificate required:

  • NTRS: NASA Technical Reports Server: NASA reports
  • Lexis-Nexis: Lexis Nexis Academic provides access to the full-text of many news, business, and legal resources, including the New York Times.
  • SciTech Connect: science, technology, and engineering research information from the U.S. Department of Energy (SciTech Connect consolidates the contents of OSTI's Information Bridge and Energy Citations Database) 
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information: "key U.S. Dept. of Energy resources and more"
  • E-Print Network: E-prints are scientific or technical documents circulated electronically to facilitate peer exchange and scientific advancement. Included are pre-publication drafts of journal articles (preprints), scholarly papers, technical communications, or similar documents relaying research results among peer groups. The The E-print Network a vast, integrated network of electronic scientific and technical information created by scientists and research engineers active in their respective fields, intended for use by other scientists, engineers, and students at advanced levels. ( NOTE: Formerly named the Preprint Network.)
  • Patents : a number of web versions are available; official patent searches are done through the MIT Technology Licensing Office
  • NTIS : technical reports from various government agencies and research labs
  • CHIANTI: A Database for Astrophysical Emission Line Spectrometry - Maintained by the Naval Research Laboratory and the University of Cambridge, CHIANTI consists of a critically evaluated set of atomic data necessary to calculate the emission line spectrum of astrophysical plasmas
  • Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center (CFADC) - Atomic and molecular collision data relevant to fusion energy research and development
  • Fusion Ignition Research Experiment - The mission of the Fusion Ignition Research Experiment at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is to attain, explore, understand and optimize alpha-dominated plasmas to provide knowledge for the design of attractive Magentic Fusion systems
  • Perspectives on Plasma - Web site provides close to 200 subject areas in plasma science and technology and nearly 100 applications
  • Plasma Science and Technology - Plasma science and technology resources from the World Wide Web Virtual Library
  • Science Research Connection - The DOE Information Bridge (IB) and the DOE Energy Citations Database (ECD) have been replaced by the Science Research Connection (SRC), which contains the content of both. Users of the DOE IB will need to register in order to have access comparable to that of the DOE IB. Provides access to searchable and downloadable bibliographic records of worldwide energy research and full text of DOE sponsored or acquired scientific and technical information from 1995 forward. Includes Science Accelerator (DOE collections);; and WorldWide