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Abstract in HTML (2022-05-24)
Deep modelling of plasma and neutral fluctuations from gas puff turbulence imaging
A. Mathews; J.L. Terry; S.G. Baek; J.W. Hughes; A.Q. Kuang; B. LaBombard; M.A. Miller; S.J. Zweben; D. Stotler; D. Reiter; W. Zholobenko; M. Goto
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-28)
Developing high performance RF heating scenarios on the WEST tokamak
M.Goniche; V.Ostuni; C.Bourdelle; P.Maget; J.F.Artaud; J.M.Bernard; V.Bobkov; J.Bucalossi; F.Clairet; L.Colas; C.Desgranges; L.Delpech; P.Devynck; R.Dumont; A.EkedahlN.Fedorczak; J.Garcia; J.Gaspar; C.Gil; C.Guillemaut; J.Gunn; J.Hillairet; C.Klepper; C.Lau; E.Lerche; G.Lombard; P.Manas; E.H.Martin; D.Mazon; O.Meyer; J.Morales; Ph.Moreau; E.Nardon; R.Nouailletas; B.Pegourie?; M.Peret; Y.Peysson; X. Regal- Mezin; R.Sabot; S.Shiraiwa; G.Urbanczyk; L.Vermare; D.Vezinet; G.M.Wallace; the West Team
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-11)
Design of the ion-optics for the MRSt neutron spectrometer at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
G. P. A. Berg; J. A. Frenje; J. H. Kunimune; C. A. Trosseille; M. Couder; J. D. Kilkenny; A. J. Mackinnon; A. S. Moore; C. S. Waltz; M. C. Wiescher
Abstract in HTML (2022-04-15)
Towards Fast and Accurate Predictions of Radio Frequency Power Deposition and Current Profile via Data-driven Modeling
G.M. Wallace; Z. Bai; N. Bertelli; E.W. Bethel; T. Perciano; R. Sadre; S. Shiraiwa; J.C. Wright
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-09)
Nonlinear gyrokinetic predictions of SPARC burning plasma profiles enabled by surrogate modeling
Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez; Nathan T Howard; Jeff Candy
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-09)
Local Transport Dynamics of Cold Pulses in Tokamak Plasmas
P. Rodriguez-Fernandez?; C. Angioni; A. E. White
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-06)
Ultra-rapid, physics-based development pathway for reactor-relevant RF antenna materials
G.M. Wallace; E. Botica Artalejo; M.P. Short; K.B. Woller
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-16)
Data augmentation for disruption prediction via robust surrogate models
Katharina Rath; David Rügamer; Bernd Bischl; Udo von Toussaint; Cristina Rea; Andrew Maris; Robert Granetz; Christopher G. Albert
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-09)
Modeling the spectral modification of lower hybrid wave in the presence of drift-wave type density fluctuation in the scrape-off-layer of the EAST tokamak
C. B. Wu; B. J. Ding; M. H. Li; S. G. Baek; G. M. Wallace; Y. C. Li; G. H. Yan,
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-07)
A novel measurement of marginal Alfven Eigenmode stability during high power auxiliary heating in JET
R.A. Tinguely; N. Fil; P.G. Puglia; S. Dowson; M. Porkolab; V. Guillemot; M. Podesta; M. Baruzzo; R. Dumont; A. Fasoli; M. Fitzgerald; Ye.O. Kazakov; M.F.F. Nave; M. Nocente; J. Ongena; S.E. Sharapov; Z. Stancar; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-01)
WEST actively cooled load resilient ion cyclotron resonance heating system results
Hillairet, J.; Mollard, P.; Colas, L.; Helou, W.; Urbanczyk, G.; Bernard, J. M.; Delaplanche, J. M.; Durand, F.; Faure, N.; Garibaldi, P.; Lombard, G.; Bourdelle, C.; Desgranges, C.; Delmas, E.; Dumont, R.; Ekedahl, A.; Ferlay, F.; Goniche, M.; Guillemaut, C.; Hoang, G.T.; Maget, P.; Volpe, R.; Song, Y.; Yang, Q.; Chen, Z.; Wang, Y.; Xu, H.; Yuan, S.; Zhao, Y.; Durodie, F.; Lerche, E.; Ragona, R.; Bertelli, N.; Ono, M.; Shiraiwa, S.; Bobkov, V.; Klepper, C.; Lau, C.; Martin, E.; Lu, B.; Maggiora, R.; Milanesio, D.; Vulliez, K.; Wallace, G.; West Team
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-01)
Experimental observations of detached bow shock formation in the interaction of a laser-produced plasma with a magnetized obstacle
Joseph M. Levesque; Andy S. Liao; Patrick Hartigan; Rachel P. Young; Matthew Trantham; Sallee Klein; William Gray; Mario Manuel; Gennady Fiksel; Joseph Katz; Chikang Li; Andrew Birkel; Petros Tzeferacos; Edward C. Hansen; Benjamin Khiar; John M. Foster; Carolyn C. Kuranz,
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
How can slow plasma electron holes exist?
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-10)
High resolution density pedestal measurements during edge localized modes by short-pulse reflectometry in the TCV tokamak
Molina Cabrera, P.A.; Labit, B.; Coda, S.; Porte, L.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Spacecraft Observations and Theoretical Understanding of Slow Electron Holes
Kamaletdinov, Sergey R.; Hutchinson, Ian H.; Vasko, Ivan Y.; Artemyev, Anton V.; Lotekar, Ajay; Mozer, Forrest
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-04)
Scaling of laser-driven electron and proton acceleration as a function of laser pulse duration, energy, and intensity in the multi-picosecond regime
Simpson, R.A.; Scott, G.G.; Mariscal, D.; Rusby, D.; King, P.M.; Grace, E.; Aghedo, A.; Pagano, I.; Sinclair, M.; Armstrong, C.; Manuel, M.J. E.; Haid, A.; Flippo, K.; Winslow, L.; Gatu Johnson, M.; Frenje, J.A.; Neely, D.; Kerr, S.; Williams, G.J.; Andrews, S.; Cauble, R.; Charron, K.; Costa, R.; Fischer, B.; Maricle, S.; Stuart, B.; Albert, F.; Lemos, N.; Mackinnon, A.; Macphee, A.; Pak, A.; Ma, T.
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-08)
Fast Low-to-High Confinement Mode Bifurcation Dynamics in a Tokamak Edge Plasma Gyrokinetic Simulation
Chang, C.S.; Ku, S.; Tynan, G.R.; Hager, R.; Churchill, R.M.; Cziegler, I.; Greenwald, M.; Hubbard, A.E.; Hughes, J.W.
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-11)
Suppression of first-wall interaction in negative triangularity plasmas on TCV
Han, W.; Offeddu, N.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Theiler, C.; Tsui, C.K.; Boedo, J.A.; Marmar, E.S.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-24)
Microwave diagnostics damage by parametric decay instabilities during electron cyclotron resonance heating in ASDEX Upgrade
Hansen, S.K.; Jacobsen, A.S.; Willensdorfer, M.; Nielsen, S.K.; Stober, J.; Höfler, K.; Maraschek, M.; Fischer, R.; Dunne, M.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-01)
First application of a digital mirror Langmuir probe for real-time plasma diagnosis
McCarthy, W.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Woller, K.B.; Vincent, C.; Kuang, A.; Labombard, B.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Oblate electron holes are not attributable to anisotropic shielding
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Finite gyroradius multidimensional electron hole equilibria
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Asymmetric one-dimensional slow electron holes
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Synthetic multidimensional plasma electron hole equilibria
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-09)
Overview of the SPARC physics basis towards the exploration of burning-plasma regimes in high-field, compact tokamaks
P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; A.J. Creely; M.J. Greenwald; D. Brunner; S.B. Ballinger; C.P. Chrobak; D.T. Garnier; R. Granetz; Z.S. Hartwig; N.T. Howard; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; V.A. Izzo; A.Q. Kuang; Y. Lin; E.S. Marmar; R.T. Mumgaard; C. Rea; M.L. Reinke; V. Riccardo; J.E. Rice; S.D. Scott; B.N. Sorbom; J.A. Stillerman; R. Sweeney; R.A. Tinguely; D.G. Whyte; J.C. Wright; D.V. Yuryev
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-22)
Parametric decay instabilities near the second-harmonic upper hybrid resonance in fusion plasmas
Hansen, S.K.; Nielsen, S.K.; Stober, J.; Rasmussen, J.; Stejner, M.; Hoelzl, M.; Jensen, T.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-22)
Plasma electron hole kinematics. Hole tracking Particle-In-Cell simulation
Zhou, C.; Hutchinson, I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Multisatellite MMS Analysis of Electron Holes in the Earth's Magnetotail: Origin, Properties, Velocity Gap, and Transverse Instability
Lotekar, A.; Vasko, I.Y.; Mozer, F.S.; Hutchinson, I.; Artemyev, A.V.; Bale, S.D.; Bonnell, J.W.; Ergun, R.; Giles, B.; Khotyaintsev, Yu.V.; Lindqvist, P. A.; Russell, C.T.; Strangeway, R.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Particle Trapping in Axisymmetric Electron Holes
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-09)
Investigations of LHW-plasma coupling and current drive at high density related to H-mode experiments in EAST
Ding, B.J.; Li, Y.C.; Zhang, L.; Li, M.H.; Wei, W.; Kong, E.H.; Wang, M.; Xu, H.D.; Wang, S.L.; Xu, G.S.; Zhao, L.M.; Hu, H.C.; Jia, H.; Cheng, M.; Yang, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhao, H.L.; Peysson, Y.; Decker, J.; Goniche, M.; Amicucci, L.; Cesario, R.; Tuccillo, A.A.; Baek, S.G.; Parker, R.; Bonoli, P.T.; Paoletti, F.; Yang, C.; Shan, J.F.; Liu, F.K.; Zhao, Y.P.; Gong, X.Z.; Hu, L.Q.; Gao, X.; Wan, B.N.; Li, J.G.