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2023 JA Series: JA & RR Series Online Archive

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Abstract in HTML (2023-10-10)
The impact of disruptions on the economics of a tokamak power plant
Andrew D. Maris; Allen Wang; Cristina Rea; Robert Granetz; and Earl Marmar
Abstract in HTML (2023-02-15)
Towards Fast, Accurate Predictions of RF Simulations via Data-driven Modeling: Forward and Lateral Models
G.M. Wallace; Z. Bai; N. Bertelli; E.W. Bethel; T. Perciano; S. Shiraiwa; J.C. Wright
Abstract in HTML (2023-02-15)
Poloidal impurity asymmetries, flow and transport in conventional neoclassical pedestals in the plateau and banana regimes
Rachel Bielajew; Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2023-03-23)
Helicon and lower hybrid current drive comparisons in tokamak geometry
Peter J. Catto; Muni Zhou,
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-12)
Investigating Boosted Decision Trees as a Guide for Inertial Confinement Fusion Design
Andrew D. Maris; Shahab F. Khan; Michael M. Pokornik; J. Luc Peterson; Kelli D. Humbird; Steven W. Haan
Abstract in HTML (2023-04-04)
Editorial: Using high energy density plasmas for nuclear experiments relevant to nuclear astrophysics
Maria Gatu Johnson; Gerald Hale; Mark Paris; Michael Wiescher; Alex Zylstra
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-12)
Experimental Study of the Edge Radial Electric Field in Different Drift Configurations and its Role in the Access to H-mode at ASDEX Upgrade
U. Plank; D. Brida; G. D. Conway; T. Happel; A. E. Hubbard; T. Pütterich; C. Angioni; M. Cavedon; R. Dux; T. Eich; R. Fischer; P. Hennequin; the Asdex Upgrade Team
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-03)
National Diagnostic Working Group (NDWG) for inertial confinement fusion (ICF)/high-energy density (HED) science: The whole exceeds the sum of its parts
J. D. Kilkenny; W. W. Hsing; S. Batha; G. A. Rochau; T. C. Sangster; P. M. Bell; D. K. Bradley; H. Chen; J. A. Frenje; M. Gatu-Johnson; V. Yu Glebov; R. J. Leeper; A. J. Mackinnon; S. P. Regan; J. S. Ross
Abstract in HTML (2023-09-25)
Measuring stopping power in warm dense matter plasmas at OMEGA
B. Lahmann; A. M. Saunders; T. Döppner; J. A. Frenje; S. H. Glenzer; M. Gatu-Johnson; G. Sutcliffe; A. B. Zylstra; R. D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-04)
Gauss’ Separation Algorithm for the Magnetic Field Decomposition of the SPARC PRD simulation
Gregorio L. Trevisan; Ryan M. Sweeney; Robert S. Granetz
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-10)
First large capsule implosions in a frustum-shaped hohlraum
K. L. Baker; P. A. Amendt; J. S. Ross; V. A. Smalyuk; O. L. Landen; D. D. Ho; S. Khan; S. W. Haan; J. D. Lindl; D. Mariscal; J. L. Milovich; S. MacLaren; Y. Ping; D. J. Strozzi; R. M. Bionta; D. T. Casey; P. M. Celliers; D. N. Fittinghoff; H. Geppert-Kleinrath; V. Geppert-Kleinrath; K. D. Hahn; M. Gatu Johnson; Y. Kim; K. Meaney; M. Millot; R. Nora; P. L. Volegov; C. H. Wilde
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-21)
Comparison of Core Ar^17+ and Mo^32+ Toroidal Rotation in C-Mod Plasmas
J.E. Rice; C. Angioni; N.M. Cao; M.L. Reinke
Abstract in HTML (2023-11-15)
Measurements of improved stability to achieve higher fuel compression in ICF
A. Do; D. T. Casey; D. S. Clark; B. Bachmann; K. L. Baker; T. Braun; T. M. Briggs; T. D Chapman; P. M. Celliers; H. Chen; C. Choate; E. L. Dewald; L. Divol; G. Fathi; D. N. Fittinghoff; G. N. Hall; E. Hartouni; D. M. Holunga; S. F. Khan; A. L. Kritcher; O. L. Landen; A. G. MacPhee; M. Millot; E. V. Marley; J. L. Milovich; A. Nikroo; A. E. Pak; D. J. Schlossberg; V. A. Smalyuk; M. Stadermann; D. J. Strozzi; R. Tommasini; C. R. Weber; B. N. Woodworth; D. K. Yanagisawa; N. W. Birge; C. R. Danly; M. Durocher; M. S. Freeman; H. Geppert-Kleinrath; V. Geppert-Kleinrath; Y. Kim; K. D Meaney; C. H. Wilde; M. Gatu Johnson; A. Allen; M. Ratledge; C. Kong; T. Fehrenbach; C. Wild
Abstract in HTML (2023-11-21)
Diagnosing the Origin and Impact of Low-mode Asymmetries in Ignition Experiments at the National Ignition Facility
D. Casey; B. MacGowan; O. Hurricane; O. Landen; R. Nora; S. Haan; A. Kritcher; A. Zylstra; J. Ralph; E. Dewald; M. Hohenberger; A Pak; P. Springer; C. Weber; J. Milovich; L. Divol; E. Hartouni; R. Bionta; K. Hahn; D. Schlossberg; A. Moore; M. Gatu Johnson
Abstract in HTML (2023-12-04)
Building the Runway: A New Superconducting Magnet Test Facility Made for the SPARC Toroidal Field Model Coil
T. Golfinopoulos; Pc Michael; E. Ihloff; A. Zhukovsky; D. Nash; V. Fry; Jp Muncks; R. Barnett; L. Bartoszek; W. Beck; W. Burke; W. Byford; S. Chamberlain; D. Chavarria; K. Cote; E. Dombrowski; J. Doody; R. Doos; J. Estrada; M. Fulton; R. Johnson; B. LaBombard; S. Lane-Walsh; M. Levine; K. Metcalfe; C. O'Shea; A. Pfeiffer; S. Pierson; Dk Ravikumar; M. Rowell; F. Santoro; S. Schweiger; J. Stillerman; C. Vidal; R. Vieira; E. Voirin; A. Watterson; S. Wilcox; M. Wolfe; Z. Hartwig
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-26)
Empirical probability and machine learning analysis of m, n = 2, 1 tearing mode onset parameter dependence in DIII-D H-mode scenarios
L. Bardoczi; N. J. Richner; J. Zhu; C. Rea; N. C. Logan
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-26)
Quantum Computing Perspective for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Cold Magnetized Plasma
Efstratios Koukoutsis; Kyriakos Hizanidis; George Vahala; Min Soe; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-05)
Dyson maps and unitary evolution for Maxwell equations in tensor dielectric media
Efstratios Koukoutsis; Kyriakos Hizanidis; Abhay K. Ram; George Vahala
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-04)
Radiation pressure by electron cyclotron waves on density fluctuations
Abhay Ram; Kyriakos Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-04)
Radiation Pressure of Radio Frequency Waves on Turbulence in Edge Plasmas
Abhay K. Ram; Kyriakos Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-04)
Radiation Pressure on Plasma Turbulence by Radio Frequency Waves
Abhay K. Ram; Kyriakos Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-03)
Qubit Lattice Algorithm Simulations of Maxwell’s Equations for Scattering from Anisotropic Dielectric Objects
George Vahala; Min Soe; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram; Efstratios Koukoutsis; Kyriakos Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-02)
Qubit Lattice Algorithms Based on the Schrodinger-Dirac Representation of Maxwell Equations and Their Extensions
George Vahala; Min Soe; Efstratios Koukoutsis; Kyriakos Hizanidis; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-02)
Laser-direct-drive fusion target design with a high-Z gradient-density pusher shell
S. X. Hu; L. Ceurvorst; J. L. Peebles; A. Mao; P. Li; Y. Lu; A. Shvydky; V. N. Goncharov; R. Epstein; K. A. Nichols; R. M. N. Goshadze; M. Ghosh; J. Hinz; V. V. Karasiev; S. Zhang; N. R. Shaffer; D. I. Mihaylov; J. Cappelletti; D. R. Harding; C. K. Li; E. M. Campbell; R. C. Shah; T. J. B. Collins; S. P. Regan; C. Deeney
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-26)
Risk-Aware Framework Development for Disruption Prediction: Alcator C-Mod and DIII-D Survival Analysis
Zander Keith; Chirag Nagpal; Cristina Rea; R. Alex Tinguely
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-18)
Design of Passive and Structural Conductors for Tokamaks Using Thin-Wall Eddy Current Modeling
A.F. Battey; C. Hansen; D. Garnier; D. Weisberg; C. Paz-Soldan; R. Sweeney; R.A. Tinguely; A.J. Creely
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-23)
Toroidal Alfven eigenmodes observed in low power JET deuterium-tritium plasmas
H. J. C. Oliver; S. E. Sharapov; Z. Stancar; M. Fitzgerald; E. Tholerus; B. N. Breizman; M. Dreval; J. Ferreira; A. Figueiredo; J. Garcia; N. Hawkes; D. L. Keeling; P. G. Puglia; P. Rodrigues; R. A. Tinguely; JET contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-23)
Stability analysis of alpha driven toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes observed in JET deuterium-tritium internal transport barrier plasmas
M. Fitzgerald; R. Dumont; D. Keeling; J. Mailloux; S. Sharapov; M. Dreval; A. Figueiredo; R. Coelho; J. Ferreira; P. Rodrigues; F. Nabais; D. Borba; Ž. Štancar; G. Szepesi; R.A. Tinguely; P.G. Puglia; H.J.C. Oliver; V. Kiptily; M. Baruzzo; M. Lennholm; P. Siren; J. Garcia; C.F. Maggi; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-23)
Experiments on excitation of Alfvén eigenmodes by alpha-particles with bump-on-tail distribution in JET DTE2 plasmas
S.E. Sharapov; H.J.C. Oliver; J. Garcia; D.L. Keeling; M. Dreval; V. Goloborodko; Ye.O. Kazakov; V.G. Kiptily; Ž. Štancar; P.J. Bonofiglo; R. Coelho; T. Craciunescu; J. Ferreira; A. Figueiredo; N. Fil; M. Fitzgerald; F. Nabais; M. Nocente; P.G. Puglia; J. Rivero-Rodriguez; P. Rodrigues; M. Salewski; R.A. Tinguely; L.E. Zakharov; Jet contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-16)
Performance and Transport in ITER: Multi-Channel Validation in DIII-D ITER-like Conditions and Predictions of ITER Burning Plasmas via Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Profile Prediction
N.T. Howard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; C. Holland; T. Odstrcil; B. Grierson; F. Sciortino; G. Mckee; Z. Yan; T.L. Rhodes; G. Wang; A.E.White; J. Candy; C. Chrystal
Abstract in HTML (2024-01-25)
Experimental Evidence of Plasmoids in High-? Magnetic Reconnection
J. A. Pearcy; M. J. Rosenberg; T. M. Johnson; G. D. Sutcliffe; B. L. Reichelt; J. D. Hare; N. F. Loureiro; R. D. Petrasso; C. K. Li
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-23)
Observations and properties of the first laboratory fusion experiment to exceed a target gain of unity
A. Pak; A. B. Zylstra; K. L. Baker; D. T. Casey; E. Dewald; L. Divol; M. Hohenberger; A. S. Moore; J. E. Ralph; D. J. Schlossberg; R. Tommasini; N. Aybar; B. Bachmann; R. M. Bionta; D. Fittinghoff; M. Gatu Johnson; H. Geppert Kleinrath; V. Geppert Kleinrath; K. D. Hahn; M. S. Rubery; O. L. Landen; J. D. Moody; L. Aghaian; A. Allen; S. H. Baxamusa; S. D. Bhandarkar; J. Biener; N. W. Birge; T. Braun; T. M. Briggs; C. Choate; D. S. Clark; J. W. Crippen; C. Danly; T. Döppner; M. Durocher; M. Erickson; T. Fehrenbach; M. Freeman; M. Havre; S. Hayes; T. Hilsabeck; J. P. Holder; K. D. Humbird; O. A. Hurricane; N. Izumi; S. M. Kerr; S. F. Khan; Y. H. Kim; C. Kong; J. Jeet; B. Kozioziemski; A. L. Kritcher; K. M. Lamb; N. C. Lemos; B. J. MacGowan; A. J. Mackinnon; A. G. MacPhee; E. V. Marley; K. Meaney; M. Millot; J.-M. G. Di Nicola; A. Nikroo; R. Nora; M. Ratledge; J. S. Ross; S. J. Shin; V. A. Smalyuk; M. Stadermann; S. Stoupin; T. Suratwala; C. Trosseille; B. Van Wonterghem; C. R. Weber; C. Wild; C. Wilde; P. T. Wooddy; B. N. Woodworth; C. V. Young
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-15)
Achieving A Hydrodynamically Equivalent Burning Plasma in Direct-Drive Laser Fusion
V. Gopalaswamy? ?,C. A. Williams? ?; R. Betti; D. Patel; J. P. Knauer; A. Lees; D. Cao; E. M. Campbell; P. Farmakis; R. Ejaz; K. S. Anderson; R. Epstein; J. Carroll-Nellenbeck? ?; I. V. Igumenshchev; J. A. Marozas? ?; P. B. Radha; A. A. Solodov? ?; C. A. Thomas; K. M. Woo; T. J. B. Collins; S. X. Hu? ?; W. Scullin? ?; D. Turnbull; V. N. Goncharov; K. Churnetski; C. J. Forrest; V. Yu. Glebov? ?; P. V. Heuer? ?; H. McClow; R. C. Shah; C. Stoeckl; W. Theobald? ?; D. H. Edgell; S. Ivancic? ?; M. J. Rosenberg; S. P. Regan; D. Bredesen; C. Fella; M. Koch; R. T. Janezic; M. J. Bonino; D. R. Harding; K. A. Bauer? ?; S. Sampat; L. J. Waxer; M. Labuzeta? ?; S. F. B. Morse? ?; M. Gatu-Johnson? ?; R. D. Petrasso; J. A. Frenje; J. Murray? ?; B. Serrato; D. Guzman; C. Shuldberg? ?; M. Farrell; C. Deeney
Abstract in HTML (2024-02-14)
Demonstration of hot-spot fuel gain exceeding unity in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion implosions
C. A. Williams? ?; R. Betti; V. Gopalaswamy; J. P. Knauer; C. J. Forrest; A. Lees; R. Ejaz; P. S. Farmakis; D. Cao; P. B. Radha; K. S. Anderson; S. P. Regan; V. Yu Glebov? ?; R. C. Shah; C. Stoeckl; S. Ivancic; K. Churnetski; R. T. Janezic; C. Fella; M. J. Rosenberg; M. J. Bonino; D. R. Harding; W. T. Shmayda? ?; J. Carroll-Nellenback? ?; S. X. Hu; R. Epstein; T. J. B. Collins; C. A. Thomas; I. V. Igumenshchev; V. N. Goncharov; W. Theobald? ?; K. M. Woo; J. A. Marozas; K. A. Bauer? ?; S. Sampat; L. J. Waxer; D. Turnbull; P. V. Heuer? ?; H. McClow; L. Ceurvorst; W. Scullin? ?; D. H. Edgell; M. Koch; D. Bredesen; M. Gatu Johnson? ?; J. A. Frenje; R. D. Petrasso; C. Shuldberg? ?; M. Farrell; J. Murray? ?; D. Guzman; B. Serrato; S. F. B. Morse? ?; M. Labuzeta? ?; C. Deeney; E. M. Campbell
Abstract in HTML (2024-04-25)
Further Rotation Reversal Studies in C-Mod L-mode Plasmas
J.E. Rice; N.M. Cao; P.H. Diamond; M.J. Greenwald; A.E. Hubbard; E.S. Marmar; M.L. Reinke and P. Rodriguez-Fernandez
Abstract in HTML (2024-05-20)
Development of a platform for experimental and computational studies of magnetic and radiative effects on astrophysically relevant jets at OMEGA
G. Rigon; C. Stoeckl; T. M. Johnson; J. Katz; J. Peebles; C. K. Li
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-04)
Core Performance Predictions with Nonlinear Gyrokinetics and Implications to Scope Burning-Plasma Tokamaks
P. Rodriguez Fernandez; N.T. Howard; A. Saltzman; S. Kantamneni; A.E. White; E. Delabie; B. Lomanowski; T.M. Biewer; J. Candy; C. Holland; M.F.F. Nave; J. Garcia; M. Lennholm; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-04)
Isotope effects on energy transport in the core of ASDEX-Upgrade tokamak plasmas: Turbulence measurements and model validation
P. A. Molina Cabrera; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; T. Görler; M. Bergmann; K. Höfler; S. S. Denk; R. Bielajew; G. D. Conway; C. Yoo; A. E. White; the Asdex Upgrade Team
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-04)
Simultaneous reproduction of experimental profiles, fluxes, transport coefficients, and turbulence characteristics via nonlinear gyrokinetic profile predictions in a DIII-D ITER similar shape plasma
N.T. Howard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; C. Holland; T. Odstrcil; B. Grierson; F. Sciortino; G. McKee; Z. Yan; G. Wang; T.L. Rhodes; A.E. White; J. Candy; C. Chrystal
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-04)
Summary report of the 4th IAEA Technical Meeting on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis (FDPVA)
S.M. Gonzalez de Vicente; D. Mazon; M. Xu; S. Pinches; M. Churchill; A. Dinklage; R. Fischer; A. Murari; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; J. Stillerman; J. Vega; G. Verdoolaege
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-03)
Development of Compact Tokamak Fusion Reactor Use Cases to Inform Future Transport Studies
C. Holland; E. M. Bass; D. M. Orlov; J. McClenaghan; B. Lyons; B. A. Grierson; X. Jian; N. T. Howard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez
Abstract in HTML (2024-05-20)
Validation of IMEP on Alcator C-Mod and JET-ILW ELMy H-mode plasmas
T. Luda; C. Angioni; M. G. Dunne; E. Fable; A. Kallenbach; N. Bonanomi; P. A. Schneider; M. Siccinio; G. Tardini; the Asdex Upgrade Team; the EUROfusion MSTTeam; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; J. W. Hughes; N. Howard; the Alcator C-Mod Team; L. Frassinetti; S. Saarelma; Jet contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-03)
Edge radiated temperature fluctuations across confinement regime transitions in favorable and unfavorable drift configurations at ASDEX Upgrade
R. Bielajew; U. Plank; G.D. Conway; A.E. Hubbard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; B. Vanovac; C. Yoo; A.E. White; the Asdex Upgrade Team
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-03)
Isotope effects on intrinsic rotation in hydrogen, deuterium and tritium plasmas
M. F. F. Nave; E. Delabie; J. Ferreira; J. Garcia; D. King; M. Lennholm; B. Lomanowski; F. Parra; P. Rodriguez- Fernandez; J. Bernardo; M. Baruzzo; M. Barnes; F. Casson; J.C. Hillesheim; A. Hubber; E. Joffrin; A. Kappatou; C. F. Maggi; A. Mauriya; L. Meneses; M. Romanelli; F. Salzedas; Jet Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-03)
Predictions of improved confinement in SPARC via energetic particle turbulence stabilization
A. Di Siena; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; N. T. Howard; A. Ban ?on Navarro; R. Bilato; T. Görler; E. Poli; G. Merlo; J. Wright; M. Greenwald; F. Jenko
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
Core Transport Modeling and Characterization for Compact Tokamak Reactor Scenarios
C. Holland; E.M. Bass; D. Orlov; J. Mcclenaghan; B.C. Lyons; X. Jian; B.A. Grierson; N.T. Howard; P. Rodriguez-fernandez
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
Access to Edge Transport Barriers and Projections of Pedestal Performance in the SPARC Tokamak
J.W. Hughes; A.E. Hubbard; P. Rodriguez-fernandez; T.M. Wilks; N.T. Howard; D.J. Battaglia; A.J. Creely
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
First measurement in a magnetic confinement fusion experiment of the T + T ? 5He + n intermediate two-body resonant reaction
B. Eriksson; S. Conroy; G. Ericsson; J. Eriksson; A. Hjalmarsson; C. R. Brune; M. Gatu Johnson; M. Nocente; S. Fugazza; M. Rebai; Jet contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-05-31)
Broadening of the Divertor Heat Flux Profile in High Confinement Tokamak Fusion Plasmas with Edge Pedestals Limited by Turbulence in DIII-D
D. R. Ernst; A. Bortolon; C. S. Chang; S. Ku; F. Scotti; H. Q. Wang; Z. Yan; Jie Chen; C. Chrystal; F. Glass; S. Haskey; R. Hood; F. Khabanov; F. Laggner; C. Lasnier; G. R. McKee; T. L. Rhodes; D. Truong; J. Watkins
Abstract in HTML (2024-05-31)
Isotope effects and Alfven eigenmode stability in JET H, D, T, DT, and He plasmas
R.A. Tinguely; P.G. Puglia; S. Dowson; M. Porkolab; D. Douai; A. Fasoli; L. Frassinetti; D. King; P. Schneider; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-05-31)
NSTX-U research advancing the physics of spherical tokamak
J W Berkery; P O Adebayo-Ige; H Al Khawaldeh; G Avdeeva; S-g Baek; S Banerjee; K Barada; D J Battaglia; R E Bell; E Belli; E V Belova; N Bertelli; N Bisai; P T Bonoli; M D Boyer; J Butt; J Candy; C S Chang; C F Clauser; L D Corona Rivera; M Curie; P C de Vries; R Diab; A Diallo; J Dominski; V N Duarte; E D Emdee; N M Ferraro; R Fitzpatrick; E L Foley; E Fredrickson; M E Galante; K F Gan; S Gerhardt; R Goldston; W Guttenfelder; R Hager; M O Hanson; S C Jardin; T G JenkinsS M Kaye; A Khodak; J Kinsey; A Kleiner; E Kolemen; S Ku; M Lampert; B Leard; B P LeBlanc; J B Lestz; F M Levinton; C Liu; T Looby; R Lunsford; T Macwan; R Maingi; J McClenaghan; J E Menard; S Munaretto; M Ono; A Pajares; J Parisi; J-k Park; M S Parsons; B S Patel; Y V Petrov; M Podest`a; F Poli; M Porcelli; T Rafiq; S A Sabbagh; ´a S´anchez Villar; E Schuster; J Schwartz; A Sharma; S Shiraiwa; P Sinha; D Smith; S Smith; V A Soukhanovskii; G Staebler; E Startsev; B Stratton; K E Thome; W Tierens; M Tobin; I U Uzun-Kaymak; B Van Compernolle; J Wai; W Wang; W Wehner; A Welander; J Yang; V Zamkovska; X Zhang; X L Zhu; S Zweben
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-21)
Electron heating in kinetic-Alfvén-wave turbulence
Muni Zhou; Zhuo Liu; Loureiro, N.F.
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-19)
Plasma flows during the ablation stage of an over-massed pulsed-power-driven exploding planar wire array
Datta, R.; Angel, J.; Greenly, J.B.; Bland, S.N.; Chittenden, J.P.; Lavine, E.S.; Potter, W.M.; Robinson, D.; Varnish, T.W.O.; Wong, E.; Hammer, D.A.; Kusse, B.R.; Hare, J.D.
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-21)
Review of progress and challenges of key mechanical issues in high-field superconducting magnets
Zhou, You He; Park, Dongkeun; Iwasa, Yukikazu
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-05)
3D radiated power analysis of JET SPI discharges using the Emis3D forward modeling tool
B. Stein-Lubrano; R. Sweeney; D. Bonfiglio; J. Lovell; P. Carvalho; L. Baylor; R.S. Granetz; S. Jachmich; E. Joffrin; M. Kong; M. Lehnen; C. Maggi; E. Marmar; E. Nardon; P. Puglia; U. Sheikh; D. Shiraki; S. Silburn; Jet Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
Kinetic-Ballooning-Bifurcation in Tokamak Pedestals Across Shaping and Aspect-Ratio
J. F. Parisi; A. O. Nelson; R. Gaur; S. M. Kaye; F. I. Parra; J. W. Berkery; K. Barada; C. Clauser; A. J. Creely; A. Diallo; W. Guttenfelder; J. W. Hughes; L. A. Kogan; A. Kleiner; A. Q. Kuang; M. Lampert; T. Macwan; J. E. Menard; M. A. Miller
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
On the future sustainable ultra-high-speed maglev: An energy-economical superconducting linear thrusting system
Fangliang Dong; Luning Hao; Dongkeun Park; Yukikazu Iwasa; Zhen Huang
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-19)
Overview of multiscale turbulence studies covering ion-to-electron scales in magnetically confined fusion plasma
S. Maeyama; T. Tokuzawa; N.T. Howard; J. Citrin; T.-H. Watanabe
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-19)
Editorial Foreward: Special Issue of Papers arising from the 18th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers (Princeton, USA, 2022)
Jerry Hughes
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-19)
Scaling laws for electron kinetic effects in tokamak scrape-off layer plasmas
D. Power; S. Mijin; M. Wigram; F. Militello; R.J. Kingham
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-19)
Enhanced Braze Wetting on Electroplated L-PBF Additive Manufactured GRCop-84 and GRCop-42, Stainless Steel, and Refractory Alloys
Andrew. H. Seltzman; Member Ieee; James. T. Ridzon; Stephen. J. Wukitch