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2021 JA Series: JA & RR Series Online Archive

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Abstract in HTML (2021-01-27)
Plasma dynamics in low-electron-beta environments
Stanislav Boldyrev; Nuno F. Loureiro; Vadim Roytershteyn
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-29)
Lower hybrid current drive in a tokamak for correlated passes through resonance
Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Real-time prediction of high density EAST disruptions using Random Forest
W.H. Hu; C Rea; Q.P. Yuan; K.G. Erickson; D.L. Chen; B. Shen; Y. Huang; J.Y. Xiao; J.J. Chen; Y.M. Duan; Y. Zhang; H.D. Zhuang; J.C. Xu; K J Montes; R S Granetz; L. Zeng; J.P. Qian; B.J. Xiao; J.G. Li; East Team
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-22)
Disruption Prevention via Interpretable Data-Driven Algorithms On DIII-D and EAST
C. Rea; K.J. Montes; R.S. Granetz; W. Hu; Q.P. Yuan; D.L. Chen; B. Shen; B.J. Xiao; J.L. Barr; B. Sammuli; K.G. Erickson
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-20)
MEMS Sensor-Array Quench-Detection Technique for HTS Conductors
Makoto Takayasu; John G. Brisson; Joseph V. Minervini; Leslie Bromberg
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-07)
Mitigation of mode-one asymmetry in laser-direct-drive inertial confi nement fusion implosions
O. M. Mannion; I. V. Igumenshchev; K. S. Anderson; R. Betti; E. M. Campbell; D. Cao; C. J. Forrest; M. Gatu Johnson; V. Yu. Glebov; V. N. Goncharov; V. Gopalaswamy; S. T. Ivancic; D. W. Jacobs-Perkins; A. Kalb; J. P. Knauer; J. Kwiatkowski; A. Lees; F. J. Marshall; M. Michalko; Z. L. Mohamed; D. Patel; H. G. Rinderknecht; R. C. Shah; C. Stoeckl; W. Theobald; K. M. Woo; S. P. Regan
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
Yield degradation due to laser drive asymmetry in D3He backlit proton radiography experiments at OMEGA
T. M. Johnson; A. Birkel; H. E. Ramirez; G. D. Sutcliffe; P. J. Adrian; V. Yu. Glebov; H. Sio; M. Gatu Johnson; J. A. Frenje; R. D. Petrasso; C. K. Li
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-03)
Three dimensional low-mode areal-density non-uniformities in indirect-drive implosions at the National Ignition Facility
D T. Casey; O. L. Landen; E. Hartouni; R. M. Bionta; K. D. Hahn; P. L. Volegov; D. N. Fittinghoff; V. Geppert-Kleinrath; C. H. Wilde; J. L. Milovich; V. A. Smalyuk; J. E. Field; O. A. Hurricane; A. B. Zylstra; A. L. Kritcher; D. S. Clark; C. V. Young; R. C. Nora; D. A. Callahan; B. J. MacGowan; D. H. Munro; B. K. Spears; J. L. Peterson; J. A. Gaffney; K. D. Humbird; M. K. G. Kruse; A. S. Moore; D. J. Schlossberg; M. Gatu-Johnson; J. A. Frenje
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-24)
Uncovering turbulent plasma dynamics via deep learning from partial observations
Abhilash Mathews; Manaure Francisquez; Jerry Hughes; David Hatch; Ben Zhu; Barrett Rogers
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-03)
Particle transport constraints via Bayesian spectral fitting of multiple atomic lines
F. Sciortino; N. M. Cao; N. T. Howard; E. S. Marmar; J. E. Rice
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-07)
Importance of gyrokinetic exact Fokker-Planck collisions in fusion plasma turbulence
Qingjiang Pan; Darin R. Ernst; David R. Hatch
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-01)
Collisional broadening of nonlinear resonant wave-particle interactions
Peter J. Catto; Elizabeth A. Tolman
Abstract in HTML (2021-07-26)
Turbulent field fluctuations in gyrokinetic and fluid plasmas
Abhilash Mathews; Noah Mandell; Manaure Francisquez; Jerry Hughes; Ammar Hakim
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-10)
Scoping study of lower hybrid current drive for CFETR
G.M. Wallace; B.J. Ding; M.H. Li; J. Chen; S.G. Baek; P.T. Bonoli; S. Shiraiwa; L. Liu; C.B. Wu
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-15)
Time-resolved turbulent dynamo in a laser plasma
Archie F. A. Bott; Petros Tzeferacos; Laura Chen; Charlotte A. J. Palmer; Alexandra Rigby; Anthony R. Bell; Robert Bingham; Andrew Birkel; Carlo Graziani; Dustin H. Froula; Joseph Katz; Michel Koenig; Matthew W. Kunz; Chikang Li; Jena Meinecke; Francesco Miniati; Richard Petrasso; Hye-Sook Park; Bruce A. Remington; Brian Reville; J. Steven Ross; Dongsu Ryu; Dmitri Ryutov; Fredrick H. Séguin; Thomas G. White; Alexander A. Schekochihin; Donald Q. Lamb; Gianluca Gregori
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-08)
Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic pulses at a planar dielectric interface -- theory and quantum lattice simulations
Abhay K. Ram; George Vahala; Linda Vahala; Min Soe
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-15)
Interaction of radio frequency waves with cylindrical density filaments -- scattering and radiation pressure
Spyridon I. Valvis; Abhay K. Ram; and Kyriakos Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-08)
Scattering of radio frequency waves by randomly modulated density interfaces in the edge of fusion plasmas
A. D. Papadopoulos; E. N. Glytsis; A. K. Ram; K. Hizanidis
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-05)
Propagation of radio frequency waves through turbulent plasmas
A. K. Ram; K. Hizanidis; F. Bairaktaris; A. Papadopoulos; S.-I. Valvis
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-05)
Diffraction of radio-frequency waves by plasma turbulence in the edge of a tokamak
S. I. Valvis; A. D. Papadopoulos; K. Hizanidis; P. Papagiannis; C. Tsironis; A. K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2021-09-29)
Development and experimental qualification of novel disruption prevention techniques on DIII-D
Barr, Jayson; Sammuli, Brian; Humphreys, Dave; Olofsson, K Erik J; Du, Xiaodi; Rea, Cristina; Wehner, Will; Boyer, Mark; Eidietis, Nicholas; Granetz, Robert; Hyatt, A; Liu, Tong; Logan, Nikolas; Munaretto, Stefano; Strait, E; Wang, Zhirui
Abstract in HTML (2021-09-01)
Shock Ignition Laser-Plasma Interactions in Ignition-Scale Plasmas
R. H. H. Scott; K. Glize; L. Antonelli; M. Khan; W. Theobald; M. Wei; R. Betti; C. Stoeckl; A. G. Seaton; T. D. Arber; D. Barlow; T. Goffrey; K. Bennett; W. Garbett; S. Atzeni; A. Casner; D. Batani; C. Li; N. Woolsey
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-15)
Modeling the complete prevention of disruption-generated runaway electron beam formation with a passive 3D coil in SPARC
RA Tinguely; VA Izzo; DT Garnier; A Sundstrom; K Sarkimaki; O Embreus; T Fulop; RS Granetz; M Hoppe; I Pusztai; R Sweeney
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-04)
The Very High n Rydberg Series of Ar^16+ in Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Plasmas
J. E. Rice; F. Sciortino; M. Gu; N. Cao; J. W. Hughes; J. H. Irby; E. S. Marmar; S. Mordijck; M. L. Reinke; R. Reksoatmodjo
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-14)
A model investigation of the impact of lower hybrid wave scattering angle on current drive profile in EAST and Alcator C-Mod
S. G. Baek; B. Biswas; G. M. Wallace; P. T. Bonoli; B. J. Ding; M. H. Li; Y. C. Li; Y. F. Wang; M. Wang; C. B. Wu; G. H. Yan; J. Chen; X. Zhai; A. M. Garofalo; W. Choi; F. Poli; S. Shiraiwa
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-09)
Modeling the spectral modification of lower hybrid wave in the presence of drift-wave type density fluctuation in the scrape-off-layer of the EAST tokamak
C. B. Wu; B. J. Ding; M. H. Li; S. G. Baek; G. M. Wallace; Y. C. Li; G. H. Yan,
Abstract in HTML (2021-12-07)
A novel measurement of marginal Alfven Eigenmode stability during high power auxiliary heating in JET
R.A. Tinguely; N. Fil; P.G. Puglia; S. Dowson; M. Porkolab; V. Guillemot; M. Podesta; M. Baruzzo; R. Dumont; A. Fasoli; M. Fitzgerald; Ye.O. Kazakov; M.F.F. Nave; M. Nocente; J. Ongena; S.E. Sharapov; Z. Stancar; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-15)
Reassessing energy deposition for the ITER 5 MA vertical displacement event with an improved DINA model
Coburn, J.; Lehnen, M.; Pitts, R.A.; Thorén, E.; Ibano, K.; Kos, L.; Brank, M.; Simic, G.; Ratynskaia, S.; Khayrutdinov, R.; Lukash, V.; Stein Lubrano, B.; Artola, F.J.; Matveeva, E.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-01)
WEST actively cooled load resilient ion cyclotron resonance heating system results
Hillairet, J.; Mollard, P.; Colas, L.; Helou, W.; Urbanczyk, G.; Bernard, J. M.; Delaplanche, J. M.; Durand, F.; Faure, N.; Garibaldi, P.; Lombard, G.; Bourdelle, C.; Desgranges, C.; Delmas, E.; Dumont, R.; Ekedahl, A.; Ferlay, F.; Goniche, M.; Guillemaut, C.; Hoang, G.T.; Maget, P.; Volpe, R.; Song, Y.; Yang, Q.; Chen, Z.; Wang, Y.; Xu, H.; Yuan, S.; Zhao, Y.; Durodie, F.; Lerche, E.; Ragona, R.; Bertelli, N.; Ono, M.; Shiraiwa, S.; Bobkov, V.; Klepper, C.; Lau, C.; Martin, E.; Lu, B.; Maggiora, R.; Milanesio, D.; Vulliez, K.; Wallace, G.; West Team
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-13)
Study of the Effect of Reflections on High-Power, 110-GHz Pulsed Gyrotron Operation
Genoud, J.; Picard, J.F.; Schaub, S.C.; Jawla, S.K.; Shapiro, M.A.; Temkin, R.J.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-01)
Experimental observations of detached bow shock formation in the interaction of a laser-produced plasma with a magnetized obstacle
Joseph M. Levesque; Andy S. Liao; Patrick Hartigan; Rachel P. Young; Matthew Trantham; Sallee Klein; William Gray; Mario Manuel; Gennady Fiksel; Joseph Katz; Chikang Li; Andrew Birkel; Petros Tzeferacos; Edward C. Hansen; Benjamin Khiar; John M. Foster; Carolyn C. Kuranz,
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
How can slow plasma electron holes exist?
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-13)
Enhanced Laser–Energy Coupling with Small-Spot Distributed Phase Plates (SG5-650) in OMEGA DT Cryogenic Target Implosions
W. Theobald;, D. Cao, R. C. Shah, C. A. Thomas, I. V. Igumenshchev, K. A. Bauer, R. Betti;;, M. J. Bonino, E. M. Campbell, A. R. Christopherson, K. Churnetski;, D. H. Edgell, C. J. Forrest, J. A. Frenje, M. Gatu Johnson, V. Yu. Glebov, V. N. Goncharov, V. Gopalaswamy, D. R. Harding , S. X. Hu, S. T. Ivancic, D. W. Jacobs-Perkins, R. T. Janezic, T. Joshi, J. P. Knauer, A. Lees, R. W. Luo, O. M. Mannion, F. J. Marshall, Z. L. Mohamed, S. F. B. Morse, D. Patel, J. L. Peebles, R. D. Petrasso, P. B. Radha, H. G. Rinderknecht, M. J. Rosenberg, S. Sampat, T. C. Sangster, W. T. Shmayda, C. M. Shuldberg, A. Shvydky, C. Sorce, C. Stoeckl, M. D. Wittman, S. P. Regan
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-10)
Design of inertial fusion implosions reaching the burning plasma regime
A. L. Kritcher; C. V. Young; H. F. Robey; C. R. Weber, A. B. Zylstra, O. A. Hurricane, D. A. Callahan, J. E. Ralph, J. S. Ross, K. L. Baker, D. T. Casey, D. S. Clark, T. D¨oeppner, L. Divol, M. Hohenberger, S. Le Pape, A. E. Pak, P. K. Patel, R. Tommasini, S. J. Ali, P. A. Amendt, J. Atherton, B. Bachmann, D. Bailey, L. R. Benedetti, L. Berzak Hopkins, R. Betti, S. D. Bhandarkar, R. M. Bionta, N. W. Birge, E. J. Bond, D. K. Bradley, T. Braun, T. M. Briggs, M. W. Bruhn, P. M. Celliers, B. Chang, T. Chapman, H. Chen, C. Choate, A. R. Christopherson, J. W. Crippen, E. L. Dewald, T. R. Dittrich, M. J. Edwards, W. A. Farmer, J. E. Field, D. Fittinghoff, J. Frenje, J. Gaffney, M. Gatu Johnson, S. H. Glenzer, G. P. Grim, S. Haan, K. D. Hahn, G. N. Hall, B. A. Hammel, J. Harte, E. Hartouni, J. E. Heebner, V. J. Hernandez, H. Herrmann, M. C. Herrmann, D. E. Hinkel, D. D. Ho, J. P. Holder, W. W. Hsing, H. Huang, K. D. Humbird, N. Izumi, J. Jeet, O. Jones, G. D. Kerbel, S. M. Kerr, S. F. Khan, J. Kilkenny, Y. Kim, H. Geppert Kleinrath, V. Geppert Kleinrath, J. L. Kline, C. Kong, J. M. Koning, J. J. Kroll, O. L. Landen, S. Langer, D. Larson, N. C. Lemos, J. D. Lindl, T. Ma, B. J. MacGowan, A. J. Mackinnon, S. A. MacLaren, A. G. MacPhee, M. M. Marinak, D. A. Mariscal, E. V. Marley, L. Masse, K. Meaney, N. B. Meezan, P. A. Michel, M. A. Millot, J. L. Milovich, J. D. Moody, A. S. Moore, J.W. Morton, K. Newman, J.-M. G. Di Nicola, A. Nikroo, R. Nora, M. V. Patel, L. J. Pelz, J. L. Peterson, Y. Ping, B. B. Pollock, M. Ratledge, N. G. Rice, H. Rinderknecht, M. Rosen, M. S. Rubery, J. D. Salmonson, J. Sater, S. Schiaffino, D. J. Schlossberg, M. B. Schneider, C. R. Schroeder, H. A. Scott, S. M. Sepke, K. Sequoia, M. W. Sherlock, S. Shin, V. A. Smalyuk, B. K. Spears, P. T. Springer, M. Stadermann, S. Stoupin, D. J. Strozzi, L. J. Suter, C. A. Thomas, R. P. J. Town, E. R. Tubman, P. L. Volegov, K. Widmann, C. Wild, C. H. Wilde, B. M. Van Wonterghem, D. T. Woods, B. N. Woodworth, M. Yamaguchi, S. T. Yang, G. B. Zimmerman
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-08)
Burning plasma achieved in inertial fusion
A.B. Zylstra; O.A. Hurricane; D.A. Callahan, A.L. Kritcher, J. Ralph, H.F. Robey, J.S. Ross, C. Young, K. Baker, D. Casey, T. D¨oppner, L. Divol, M. Hohenberger, S. Le Pape, A. Pak, P. Patel, R. Tommasini, S. Ali, B. Bachmann, R. Benedetti, D. Berger, R. Betti, S. Bhandarkar, R. Bionta, N. Birge, E. Bond, D. Bradley, T. Braun, T. Briggs, M. Bruhn, H. Chen, P. Celliers, T. Chapman, C. Choate, A. Christopherson, D. Clark, E. Dewald, J.-M. Di Nicola, T. Dittrich, M.J. Edwards, M. Farrell, J. Field, D. Fittinghoff, J. Frenje, J. Gaffney, G. Grim, S. Haan, K. Hahn, G. Hall, J. Hammer, E. Hartouni, J. Heebner, V. Hernandez, H. Herrmann, M. Herrmann, D. Hinkel, J. Holder, L. B. Hopkins, W. Hsing, K. Humbird, N. Izumi, J. Jeet, M. Gatu Johnson, O. Jones, S. Kerr, S. Khan, J. Kilkenny, Y. Kim, H. Geppert Kleinrath, V. Geppert Kleinrath, J. Kline, J. Kroll, C. Kong, O.L. Landen, D. Larson, N.C. Lemos, J. Lindl, A. Mackinnon, B. MacGowan, S. Maclaren, A. MacPhee, D. Mariscal, E. Marley, L. Masse, K. Meaney, N. Meezan, P. Michel, M. Millot, J. Milovich, J. Moody, A. Moore, K. Newman, A. Nikroo, R. Nora, L. Pelz, L. Peterson, N. Rice, H. Rinderknecht, M. Rosen, M. Rubery, J. Salmonson, J. Sater, D. Schlossberg, M. Schneider, K. Sequoia, S. Shin, V. Smalyuk, B. Spears, P. Springer, M. Stadermann, S. Stoupin, D. Strozzi, C. Thomas, E. Tubman, R. Town, C. Weber, K. Widmann, C. Wild, C. Wilde, T. Woods, B. Woodworth, B. Van Wonterghem, P. Volegov, S. Yang
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-13)
Coolant Pressure Evaluations for a MEMS Sensor-Array Quench Detection in REBCO CICC Superconducting Cables
Takayasu; Makoto
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-10)
High resolution density pedestal measurements during edge localized modes by short-pulse reflectometry in the TCV tokamak
Molina Cabrera, P.A.; Labit, B.; Coda, S.; Porte, L.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Spacecraft Observations and Theoretical Understanding of Slow Electron Holes
Kamaletdinov, Sergey R.; Hutchinson, Ian H.; Vasko, Ivan Y.; Artemyev, Anton V.; Lotekar, Ajay; Mozer, Forrest
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-04)
Scaling of laser-driven electron and proton acceleration as a function of laser pulse duration, energy, and intensity in the multi-picosecond regime
Simpson, R.A.; Scott, G.G.; Mariscal, D.; Rusby, D.; King, P.M.; Grace, E.; Aghedo, A.; Pagano, I.; Sinclair, M.; Armstrong, C.; Manuel, M.J. E.; Haid, A.; Flippo, K.; Winslow, L.; Gatu Johnson, M.; Frenje, J.A.; Neely, D.; Kerr, S.; Williams, G.J.; Andrews, S.; Cauble, R.; Charron, K.; Costa, R.; Fischer, B.; Maricle, S.; Stuart, B.; Albert, F.; Lemos, N.; Mackinnon, A.; Macphee, A.; Pak, A.; Ma, T.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
Hot-Spot Modeling of REBCO NI Pancake Coil: Analytical and Experimental Approaches
Lee, Wooseung; Park, Dongkeun; Choi, Yoonhyuck; Li, Yi; Bascunan, Juan; Iwasa, Yukikazu
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
Diverted negative triangularity plasmas on DIII-D: The benefit of high confinement without the liability of an edge pedestal
Marinoni, A.; Austin, M.E.; Hyatt, A.W.; Saarelma, S.; Scotti, F.; Yan, Z.; Chrystal, C.; Coda, S.; Glass, F.; Hanson, J.M.; McLean, A.G.; Pace, D.C.; Paz Soldan, C.; Petty, C.C.; Porkolab, M.; Schmitz, L.; Sciortino, F.; Smith, S.P.; Thome, K.E.; Turco, F.
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
Absolute calibration of the Lyman- ? measurement apparatus at DIII-D
Laggner, F.M.; Bortolon, A.; Rosenthal, A.M.; Wilks, T.M.; Hughes, J.W.; Freeman, C.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Nagy, A.; Mauzey, D.; Shafer, M.W.
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
Characterization of MEMS Acoustic Sensors and Amplifiers in Cryogenic Fluids for Quench Detection Applications in HTS CICC
Zijia Zhao; Moore, P.; Owen, C.; Anilus, M.; Chau, S.; Desai, A.; Emerling, M.; Chiesa, L.; Takayasu, M.; White, R.
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
The role of edge fueling in determining the pedestal density in high neutral opacity Alcator C-Mod experiments
Reksoatmodjo, R.; Mordijck, S.; Hughes, J.W.; Lore, J.D.; Bonnin, X.
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
Constructing a new predictive scaling formula for ITER's divertor heat-load width informed by a simulation-anchored machine learning
Chang, C.S.; Ku, S.; Hager, R.; Churchill, R.M.; Hughes, J.; Köchl, F.; Loarte, A.; Parail, V.; Pitts, R.A.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
Disruption prediction using a full convolutional neural network on EAST
Guo, B.H.; Chen, D.L.; Shen, B.; Rea, C.; Granetz, R.S.; Zeng, L.; Hu, W.H.; Qian, J.P.; Sun, Y.W.; Xiao, B.J.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
The role of toroidal rotation in the very high energy confinement quality observed in super H-mode experiments on DIII-D
Ding, S.; Garofalo, A.M.; Jian, X.; Holland, C.; Grierson, B.A.; Solomon, W.M.; Marinoni, A.; Knolker, M.; McClenaghan, J.
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-11)
Suppression of first-wall interaction in negative triangularity plasmas on TCV
Han, W.; Offeddu, N.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Theiler, C.; Tsui, C.K.; Boedo, J.A.; Marmar, E.S.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
Direct Measurements of DT Fuel Preheat from Hot Electrons in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion
Christopherson, A.R.; Betti, R.; Forrest, C.J.; Howard, J.; Theobald, W.; Delettrez, J.A.; Rosenberg, M.J.; Solodov, A.A.; Stoeckl, C.; Patel, D.; Gopalaswamy, V.; Cao, D.; Peebles, J.L.; Edgell, D.H.; Seka, W.; Epstein, R.; Wei, M.S.; Gatu Johnson, M.; Simpson, R.; Regan, S.P.; Campbell, E.M.
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
Impact of shape on pedestal characteristics in the wide pedestal quiescent H-mode in the DIII-D tokamak
Wilks, T.M.; Morton, L.A.; Kriete, D.M.; Knolker, M.; Snyder, P.B.; Barada, K.; Paz Soldan, C.; Rhodes, T.; Burrell, K.H.; Chen, X.; Hughes, J.W.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
Examination of stiff ion temperature gradient mode physics in simulations of DIII-D H-mode transport
Holland, C.; Luce, T.C.; Grierson, B.A.; Smith, S.P.; Marinoni, A.; Burrell, K.H.; Petty, C.C.; Bass, E.M.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-24)
Microwave diagnostics damage by parametric decay instabilities during electron cyclotron resonance heating in ASDEX Upgrade
Hansen, S.K.; Jacobsen, A.S.; Willensdorfer, M.; Nielsen, S.K.; Stober, J.; Höfler, K.; Maraschek, M.; Fischer, R.; Dunne, M.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-06)
Prediction of DIII-D Pedestal Structure from Externally Controllable Parameters
Zeger, Emi U.; Laggner, Florian M.; Bortolon, Alessandro; Rea, Cristina; Meneghini, Orso; Saarelma, Samuli; Sammuli, Brian S.; Smith, Sterling P.; Zhao, Jinjin
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-09)
Design Overview of the MIT 1.3-GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet with a New REBCO Insert
Park, Dongkeun; Bascunan, Juan; Li, Yi; Lee, Wooseung; Choi, Yoonhyuck; Iwasa, Yukikazu
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-01)
First application of a digital mirror Langmuir probe for real-time plasma diagnosis
McCarthy, W.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Woller, K.B.; Vincent, C.; Kuang, A.; Labombard, B.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-08)
Summary of the IAEA technical meeting on plasma disruptions and their mitigation
Bandyopadhyay, Indranil; Barbarino, Matteo; Bhattacharjee, Amitava; Eidietis, Nicholas; Huber, Alexander; Isayama, Akihiko; Kim, Jayhyun; Konovalov, Sergey; Lehnen, Michael; Nardon, Eric; Pautasso, Gabriella; Rea, Cristina; Sozzi, Carlo; Villone, Fabio; Zeng, Long
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Oblate electron holes are not attributable to anisotropic shielding
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Finite gyroradius multidimensional electron hole equilibria
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Asymmetric one-dimensional slow electron holes
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Synthetic multidimensional plasma electron hole equilibria
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-08)
Strong suppression of heat conduction in a laboratory replica of galaxy-cluster turbulent plasmas
Jena Meinecke; Petros Tzeferacos; James S. Ross; Archie F. A. Bott; Scott Feister; Hye-Sook Park; Anthony R. Bell; Roger Blandford; Richard L. Berger; Robert Bingham; Alexis Casner; Laura E. Chen; John Foster; Dustin H. Froula; Clement Goyon; Daniel Kalantar; Michel Koenig; Brandon Lahmann; Chikang Li; Yingchao Lu; Charlotte A. J. Palmer; Richard D. Petrasso; Hannah Poole; Bruce Remington; Brian Reville; Adam Reyes; Alexandra Rigby; Dongsu Ryu; George Swadling; Alex Zylstra; Francesco Miniati; Subir Sarkar; Alexander A. Schekochihin; Donald Q. Lamb; Gianluca Gregori
Abstract in HTML (2022-05-09)
Overview of the SPARC physics basis towards the exploration of burning-plasma regimes in high-field, compact tokamaks
P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; A.J. Creely; M.J. Greenwald; D. Brunner; S.B. Ballinger; C.P. Chrobak; D.T. Garnier; R. Granetz; Z.S. Hartwig; N.T. Howard; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; V.A. Izzo; A.Q. Kuang; Y. Lin; E.S. Marmar; R.T. Mumgaard; C. Rea; M.L. Reinke; V. Riccardo; J.E. Rice; S.D. Scott; B.N. Sorbom; J.A. Stillerman; R. Sweeney; R.A. Tinguely; D.G. Whyte; J.C. Wright; D.V. Yuryev
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-06)
Design Overview of the MIT 1.3-GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet with a New REBCO Insert
Dongkeun Park; Juan Bascuñán; Yi Li; Wooseung Lee; Yoonhyuck Choi; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-06)
A Cryogen-Free 25-T REBCO Magnet With the Extreme-No-Insulation Winding Technique
Dongkeun Park; Wooseung Lee; Juan Bascuñán; Ho Min Kim; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-06)
Partial-Insulation HTS Magnet for Reduction of Quench-Induced Peak Currents
Wooseung Lee; Dongkeun Park; Juan Bascuñán; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-13)
Hydroscaling indirect-drive implosions on the National Ignition Facility
K. L. Baker; O. Jones; C. Weber; D. Clark; P. K. Patel; C. A. Thomas; O. L. Landen; R. Nora; G. J. Anderson; J. Gaffney; S. MacLaren; D. T. Casey; T. D€oppner; E. L. Dewald; R. Tommasini; B. K. Spears; J. Salmonson; M. Hohenberger; S. Khan; A. Zylstra; A. Kritcher; P. Amendt; V. Smalyuk; J. Lindl; C. Young; J. S. Ross; D. Ho; O. A. Hurricane; D. A. Callahan; T. Woods; J. L. Milovich; D. J. Strozzi; B. Bachmann; R. Bionta; P. M. Celliers; D. Fittinghoff; R. Hatarik; M. Gatu Johnson; K. Meaney; M. Millot; P. L. Volegov; C. Wilde
Abstract in HTML (2023-06-29)
An ultrahigh-bandwidth Phase Contrast Imaging system for fusion plasmas
A. Marinoni; J.C. Rost; M. Porkolab; R. Seraydarian
Abstract in HTML (2023-03-10)
Evidence for suprathermal ion distribution in burning plasmas
E. P. Hartouni; A. S. Moore; A. J. Crilly; B. D. Appelbe; P. A. Amendt; K. L. Baker; D. T. Casey; D. S. Clark; T. Döppner; M. J. Eckart; J. E. Field; M. Gatu-Johnson; G. P. Grim; R. Hatarik; J. Jeet; S. M. Kerr; J. Kilkenny; A. L. Kritcher; K. D. Meaney; J. L. Milovich; D. H. Munro; R. C. Nora; A. E. Pak; J. E. Ralph; H. F. Robey; J. S. Ross; D. J. Schlossberg; S. M. Sepke; B. K. Spears; C. V. Young A. B. Zylstra
Abstract in HTML (2023-02-16)
Alpha heating of indirect-drive layered implosions on the National Ignition Facility
K. L. Baker; S. MacLaren; O. Jones; B. K. Spears; P. K. Patel; R. Nora; L. Divol; O. L. Landen; G. J. Anderson; J. Gaffney; M. Kruse; O. A. Hurricane; D. A. Callahan; A. R. Christopherson; J. Salmonson; E. P. Hartouni; T. Döppner; E. Dewald; R. Tommasini; C. A. Thomas; C. Weber; D. Clark; D. T. Casey; M. Hohenberger; S. Khan; T. Woods; J. L. Milovich; R. L. Berger; D. Strozzi; A. Kritcher; B. Bachmann; R. Benedetti; R. Bionta; P. M. Celliers; D. Fittinghoff; R. Hatarik; N. Izumi; M. Gatu Johnson; G. Kyrala; T. Ma; K. Meaney; M. Millot; S. R. Nagel; A. Pak; P. L. Volegov; C. Yeamans; C. Wilde
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-25)
Measurements of ion-electron energy-transfer cross section in high-energy-density plasmas
P. J. Adrian; R. Florido; P. E. Grabowski; R. Mancini; B. Bachmann; L. X. Benedict; M. Gatu Johnson; N. Kabadi; B. Lahmann; C. K. Li; R. D. Petrasso; H. G. Rinderknecht; S. P. Regan; F. H. Séguin; R. L. Singleton; Jr.; H. Sio; G. D. Sutcliffe; H. D. Whitley; J. A. Frenje
Abstract in HTML (2024-03-07)
Quantum Lattice Representation for the Curl Equations of Maxwell Equations
George Vahala; John Hawthorne; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram; Min Soe
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-02)
Statistical description of coalescing magnetic islands via magnetic reconnection
Muni Zhou; Wu, D.H.; Loureiro, N.F.; Uzdensky, D.A.
Abstract in HTML (2024-06-21)
Cross-code comparison of the edge codes SOLPS-ITER, SOLEDGE2D and UEDGE in modelling a low-power scenario in the DTT
M. Moscheni; C. Meineri; M. Wigram; C. Carati; E. De Marchi; M. Greenwald; P. Innocente; B. LaBombard; F. Subba; H. Wu; R. Zanino