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2020 JA Series: JA & RR Series Online Archive

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Abstract in HTML (2020-02-13)
Nuclear diagnostics for Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) plasmas
J. A. Frenje
Abstract in HTML (2020-04-20)
Collisional effects on resonant particles in quasilinear theory
Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2020-04-29)
Understanding LOC/SOC Phenomenology in Tokamaks
J.E. Rice; J. Citrin; N.M. Cao; P.H. Diamond; E. Fable; M. Greenwald; B.A. Grierson
Abstract in HTML (2020-06-12)
The Wendelstein 7-X phase contrast imaging diagnostic
Z. Huang; E. Edlund; M. Porkolab; A. von Stechow; J-P. Bähner; L.-G. Böttger; C. v. Sehren; O. Grulke
Abstract in HTML (2020-06-29)
Unitary Quantum Lattice Simulations for Maxwell Equations in Vacuum and in Dielectric Media
George Vahala; Linda Vahala; Min Soe; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2020-06-12)
First Implementation of Gyrokinetic Exact Linearized Landau Collision Operator and Comparison with Models
Qingjiang Pan; Darin R. Ernst; Paul Crandall
Abstract in HTML (2020-06-18)
Quench Analysis of an LTS Quadrupole Triplet Magnet System for the IBS RAON In-Flight Fragment Separator
Wooseung Lee; Dongkeun Park; Yukikazu Iwasa; Junseong Kim; Jiho Lee; Do Gyun Kim
Abstract in HTML (2020-06-18)
Screening-Current-Induced Strain Gradient on REBCO Conductor: An Experimental and Analytical Study With Small Coils Wound With Monofilament and Striated Multifilament REBCO Tapes
Yi Li; Dongkeun Park; Wooseung Lee; Yoonhyuck Choi; Hiromi Tanaka; Juan Bascuñàn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2020-07-20)
Optical analogues to the equatorial Kerr-Newman black hole
R. A. Tinguely; Andrew P. Turner
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Projections of H-mode Access and Edge Pedestal in the SPARC Tokamak
J.W. Hughes; N.T. Howard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; A.J. Creely; A.Q. Kuang; P.B. Snyder; T.M. Wilks; R. Sweeney; M. Greenwald
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Results from the Alfven Eigenmode Active Diagnostic during the 2019-2020 JET deuterium campaign
R.A. Tinguely; P.G. Puglia; N. Fil; S. Dowson; M. Porkolab; A. Fasoli; D. Testa; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-12)
Predictions of core plasma performance for the SPARC tokamak
P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; N.T. Howard; M.J. Greenwald; A.J. Creely; J.W. Hughes; J.C. Wright; C. Holland; Y. Lin; F. Sciortino; the Sparc team
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
A 1D Lyman-alpha Profile Camera for Plasma Edge Neutral Studies on the DIII-D Tokamak
A. M. Rosenthal; J. W. Hughes; A. Bortolon; F. M. Laggner; T.M. Wilks; R.Vieira; R. Leccacorvi; E. Marmar; A. Nagy; C. Freeman; and D. Mauzey
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
MHD Stability and Disruptions in the SPARC Tokamak
R. Sweeney; A.J. Creely; J. Doody; T. Fu?löp; D.T. Garnier; R. Granetz; M. Greenwald; L. Hesslow; J. Irby; V.A. Izzo; R.J. La Haye; N.C. Logan; K. Montes; C. Paz-Soldan; C. Rea; R.A. Tinguely; O. Vallhagen; J. Zhu
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-12)
Divertor heat flux challenge and mitigation in SPARC
A. Q. Kuang; S. Ballinger; D. Brunner; J. Canik; A. J. Creely; T. Gray; M. Greenwald; J.W. Hughes; J. Irby; B. LaBombard; B. Lipschultz; J. D. Lore; M. L. Reinke; J. L. Terry; M. Umansky; D. G. Whyte; S. Wukitch; the Sparc Team
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-15)
Drift kinetic theory of alpha transport by tokamak perturbations
Elizabeth A. Tolman; Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
A second order yield-temperature relation for accurate inference of burn-averaged quantities in multi-species plasmas
N. V. Kabadi; P. J. Adrian; A. Bose; D. T. Casey; J. A. Frenje; M. Gatu Johnson; B. Lahmann; O. M. Mannion; R. D. Petrasso; H. G. Rinderknecht; F. H. Seguin; H. W. Sio; G. D. Sutcliffe; A. B. Zylstra
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Saturn-ring proton backlighters for the NIF
A.B. Zylstra; R. S. Craxton; J.R. Rygg; C.-K. Li; L. Carlson; M. J.-E. Manuel; K. Youngblood; E.M. Garcia; L.T. Browning; S. Le Pape; N. Candeias Lemos; B. Lahmann; M. Gatu Johnson
Abstract in HTML (2021-08-02)
Multi-scale dynamics of magnetic flux tubes and inverse magnetic energy transfer
Zhou, Muni; Loureiro, Nuno F.; Uzdensky, Dmitri A.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Cryogenic system design for the electron-ion collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ravikumar, D.J.; Than, R.
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-01)
Combinatorial development of the low-density high-entropy alloy Al10Cr20Mo20Nb20Ti20Zr10 having gigapascal strength at 1000 C
Waseem, Owais Ahmed; Ryu, Ho Jin
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Scaling of L-mode heat flux for ITER and COMPASS-U divertors, based on five tokamaks
Horacek, J.; Adamek, J.; Komm, M.; Seidl, J.; Vondracek, P.; Jardin, A.; Guillemaut, C.; Elmore, S.; Thornton, A.; Jirakova, K.; Jaulmes, F.; Deng, G.; Gao, X.; Wang, L.; Ding, R.; Brunner, D.; LaBombard, B.; Olsen, J.; Rasmussen, J.J.; Nielsen, A.H.; Naulin, V.; Ezzat, M.; Camacho, K.M.; Hron, M.; Matthews, G.F.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
High-performance plasmas after pellet injections in Wendelstein 7-X
Bozhenkov, S.A.; Kazakov, Y.; Ford, O.P.; Beurskens, M.N.A.; Alcusoacuten, J.; Alonso, J.A.; Baldzuhn, J.; Brandt, C.; Brunner, K.J.; Damm, H.; Fuchert, G.; Geiger, J.; Grulke, O.; Hirsch, M.; Houmlfel, U.; Huang, Z.; Knauer, J.; Krychowiak, M.; Langenberg, A.; Laqua, H.P.; Lazerson, S.; Marushchenko, N.B.; Moseev, D.; Otte, M.; Pablant, N.; Pasch, E.; Pavone, A.; Proll, J.H.E.; Rahbarnia, K.; Scott, E.R.; Smith, H.M.; Stange, T.; von Stechow, A.; Thomsen, H.; Turkin, Yu.; Wurden, G.; Xanthopoulos, P.; Zhang, D.; Wolf, R.C.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
A Ioffe Trap Magnet for the Project 8 Atom Trapping Demonstrator
Radovinsky, A.L.; Lindman, A.; Formaggio, J.A.; Minervini, J.V.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
Multi-species collisions for delta-f gyrokinetic simulations: Implementation and verification with GENE
Crandall, P.; Jarema, D.; Doerk, H.; Pan, Q.; Merlo, G.; Görler, T.; Navarro, A. Bañón; Told, D.; Maurer, M.; Jenko, F.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-28)
2H(p, gamma) 3He cross section measurement using high-energy-density plasmas
Zylstra, A.B.; Herrmann, H.W.; Kim, Y.H.; McEvoy, A.; Frenje, J.A.; Johnson, M.G.; Petrasso, R.D.; Glebov, V.Yu.; Forrest, C.; Delettrez, J.; Gales, S.; Rubery, M.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
Acoustic MEMS Sensor Array for Quench Detection of CICC Superconducting Cables
Takayasu; M.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
Nonlinear Reconnection in Magnetized Turbulence
Loureiro, N.F.; Boldyrev, S.
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-05)
On the very high energy confinement observed in super H-mode DIII-D experiments
Ding, S.; Garofalo, A.M.; Knolker, M.; Marinoni, A.; McClenaghan, J.; Grierson, B.A.
Abstract in HTML (2021-07-08)
Shattered pellet penetration in low and high energy plasmas on DIII-D
Raman, R.; Sweeney, R.; Moyer, R.A.; Eidietis, N.W.; Shiraki, D.; Herfindal, J.L.; Sachdev, J.; Hollmann, E.M.; Jardin, S.C.; Baylor, L.R.; Wilcox, R.; Carlstrom, T.; Osborne, T.; Eldon, D.; Menard, J.E.; Lunsford, R.; Grierson, B.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-11)
Study of passively stable, fully detached divertor plasma regimes attained in innovative long-legged divertor configurations
Umansky, M.V.; Labombard, B.; Brunner, D.; Golfinopoulos, T.; Kuang, A.Q.; Rensink, M.E.; Terry, J.L.; Wigram, M.; Whyte, D.G.
Abstract in HTML (2021-11-10)
Self-field measurements of an HTS twisted stacked-tape cable conductor
Obana, T.; Terazaki, Y.; Yanagi, N.; Hamaguchi, S.; Chikaraishi, H.; Takayasu, M.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-09)
Combinatorial synthesis and analysis of AlxTayVz-Cr20Mo20Nb20Ti20Zr10 and Al10CrMoxNbTiZr10 refractory high-entropy alloys: Oxidation behavior
Waseem, Owais Ahmed; Ryu, Ho Jin
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
Exploring MDSplus data-acquisition software and custom devices
Santoro, Fernando; Stillerman, Joshua; Lane Walsh, Stephen; Fredian, Thomas
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
ARC reactor materials: Activation analysis and optimization
Bocci, B.; Hartwig, Z.; Segantin, S.; Testoni, R.; Whyte, D.; Zucchetti, M.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
Optimization of tritium breeding ratio in ARC reactor
Segantin, Stefano; Testoni, Raffaella; Hartwig, Zachary; Whyte, Dennis; Zucchetti, Massimo
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-21)
Simulations of divertor heat flux width using transport code with cross-field drifts under the BOUT++ framework
Li, N.M.; Xu, X.Q.; Hughes, J.W.; Terry, J.L.; Sun, J.Z.; Wang, D.Z.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Exploration of a Fast Pathway to Nuclear Fusion: Thermal Analysis and Cooling Design Considerations for the ARC Reactor
Segantin, S.; Testoni, R.; Hartwig, Z.; Whyte, D.; Zucchetti, M.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-30)
Effects of F3+ ion implantation on the properties of W and W0.5(TaTiVCr)0.5 for depth marker-based plasma erosion analysis
Owais Ahmed Waseem; Kevin Benjamin Woller; Faris Bassam Sweidan; Ho Jin Ryu
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-27)
Evolution in microstructure and hardness of Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum (TZM) alloy after depth marker implantation for erosion diagnostic in fusion devices
Owais Ahmed Waseem; Kevin Benjamin Woller
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Symmetry tuning and high energy coupling for an Al capsule in a Au rugby hohlraum on NIF
Y. Ping; V. A. Smalyuk; P. Amendt; S. Khan; R. Tommasini; E. Dewald; J. E. Field; F. Graziani; E. Hartouni; S. Johnson; O. L. Landen; J. Lindl; A. MacPhee; A. Nikroo; R. Nora; S. Prisbrey; J. Ralph; R. Seugling; D. Strozzi; R. E. Tipton; Y. M. Wang; Y. Kim; E. Loomis; K. D. Meaney; E. Merritt; D. Montgomery; N. Kabadi; B. Lahmann; R. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-19)
VIPER: an industrially scalable high-current high-temperature superconductor cable
Zachary S Hartwig; Rui F Vieira; Brandon N Sorbom; Rodney A Badcock; Marta Bajko; William K Beck; Bernardo Castaldo; Christopher L Craighill; Michael Davies; Jose Estrada; Vincent Fry; Theodore Golfinopoulos; Amanda E Hubbard; James H Irby; Sergey Kuznetsov; Christopher J Lammi; Rick Leccacorvi; Philip C Michael; Theodore Mouratidis; Richard A Murray; Andrew T Pfeiffer; Samuel Z Pierson; Alexi Radovinsky; Michael D Rowell; Erica E Salazar; Michael Segal; Peter W Stahle; Makoto Takayasu; Thomas L Toland; Lihua Zhou
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Scattering of Radio Frequency Waves by Density Filaments
Abhay K. Ram; K. Hizanidis; F. Bairaktaris; A. Papadopoulos; S.-I. Valvis
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Building a Three-Dimensional Quantum Lattice Algorithm for Maxwell Equations
George Vahala; Linda Vahala; Min Soe; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Experimental studies of plasma-antenna coupling with the JET Alfven Eigenmode Active Diagnostic
R.A. Tinguely; P.G. Puglia; N. Fil; S. Dowson; M. Porkolab; A. Dvornova; A. Fasoli; M. Fitzgerald; V. Guillemot; G.T.A. Huysmans; M. Maslov; S. Sharapov; D. Testa; JET Contributors
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
Multiphysics simulations of a steady-state lower hybrid current drive antenna for the FSNF
G.M. Wallace; T. Bohm; C.E. Kessel
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-26)
CR-39 nuclear track detector response to inertial confinement fusion relevant ions
B. Lahmann; M. Gatu Johnson; J. A. Frenje; Y. Yu. Glebov; H. G. Rinderknecht; F. H. Séguin; G. Sutcliffe; R. D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
A neutron recoil-spectrometer for measuring yield and determining liner areal densities at the Z facility
B. Lahmann; M. Gatu Johnson; K. D. Hahn; J. A. Frenje; D. J. Ampleford; B. Jones; M. A. Mangan; A. Maurer; C. L. Ruiz; F. H. Séguin; R. D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-05)
Phase Measurements of a 140-GHz Confocal Gyro-Amplifier
Guy Rosenzweig; Sudheer K. Jawla; Julian F. Picard; Michael A. Shapiro; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Hybrid deep learning architecture for general disruption prediction across tokamaks
J.X. Zhu; C. Rea; K. Montes; R.S. Granetz; R. Sweeney; R.A. Tinguely
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Reimagining full wave rf quasilinear theory in a tokamak
Peter J. Catto; Elizabeth A. Tolman
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
A semi-supervised machine learning detector for physics events in tokamak discharges
Kevin Joseph Montes; Cristina Rea; Roy Alexander Tinguely; Ryan Sweeney; Jinxiang Zhu; Robert Granetz
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-06)
Intermediate energy proton irradiation: rapid, high-fidelity materials testing for fusion and fission energy systems
Steven J. Jepeal; Lance Snead; Zachary S. Hartwig
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Effect of cross-beam energy transfer on target-offset asymmetry in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion implosions
K. S. Anderson; C. J. Forrest; O. M. Mannion; F. J. Marshall; R. C. Shah; D. T. Michel; J. A. Marozas; P. B. Radha; D. H. Edgell; R. Epstein; V. N. Goncharov; J. P. Knauer; M. Gatu Johnson; S. Laffite
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Experiments to explore the influence of pulse shaping at the National Ignition Facility
C. A. Thomas; E. M. Campbell; K. L. Baker; D. T. Casey; M. Hohenberger; A. L. Kritcher; B. K. Spears; S. F. Khan; R. Nora; D. T. Woods; J. L. Milovich; R. L. Berger; D. Strozzi; D. D. Ho; D. Clark; B. Bachmann; L. R. Benedetti; R. Bionta; P. M. Celliers; D. N. Fittinghoff; G. Grim; R. Hatarik; N. Izumi; G. Kyrala; T. Ma; M. Millot; S. R. Nagel; P. K. Patel; C. Yeamans; A. Nikroo; M. Tabak; M. Gatu Johnson; P. L. Volegov; S. M. Finnegan
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Principal factors in performance of indirect-drive laser fusion experiments
C. A. Thomas; E. M. Campbell; K. L. Baker; D. T. Casey; M. Hohenberger; A. L. Kritcher; B. K. Spears; S. F. Khan; R. Nora; D. T. Woods; J. L. Milovich; R. L. Berger; D. Strozzi; D. D. Ho; D. Clark; B. Bachmann; L. R. Benedetti; R. Bionta; P. M. Celliers; D. N. Fittinghoff; G. Grim; R. Hatarik; N. Izumi; G. Kyrala; T. Ma; M. Millot; S. R. Nagel; P. K. Patel; C. Yeamans; A. Nikroo; M. Tabak; M. Gatu Johnson; P. L. Volegov; S. M. Finnegan
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-31)
Introduction to MDSplus using Docker
S. Lane-Walsh; J. Stillerman; F. Santoro; T. Fredian
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Constraining Physical Models at Gigabar Pressures
J.J. Ruby; J.R. Rygg; D.A. Chin; J.A. Gaffney; P. Adrian; D. Bishel; C.J. Forrest; V.Yu. Glebov; N.V. Kabadi; P.M. Nilson; Y. Ping; C. Stoeckl; G.W. Collins
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Energy Flow in Thin Shell Implosions and Explosions
J.J. Ruby; J.R. Rygg; D.A. Chin; J.A. Gaffney; P. Adrian; C.J. Forrest; V.Yu. Glebov; N.V. Kabadi; P.M. Nilson; Y. Ping; C. Stoeckl; G.W. Collins
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Mildly relativistic collisionless shock formed by magnetic piston
Q. Moreno; A. Araudo; Ph. Korneev; C. K. Li; V. T. Tikhonchuk; X. Ribeyre; E. d’Humieres; S. Weber
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-02)
An accelerator facility for intermediate energy proton irradiation and testing of nuclear materials
S.J. Jepeal; Danagoulian; A. Kesler; L.A.; Korsun; D.A.. Lee; H.Y.a; Schwartz; N.; Sorbom; B.N.; Velez Lopez; E.; Hartwig. Z.S.
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-25)
Response of CR-39 nuclear track detectors to protons with non-normal incidence
R. Przybocki; M. Gatu Johnson; G. Sutcliffe; B. Lahmann; F. H. Seguin; J. Frenje; P. Adrian; T. M. Johnson; J. Pearcy; N. V. Kabadi; A. Birkel; R. D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-24)
Measurement of internal dark current in a 17 GHz accelerator structure with an elliptical sidewall
Haoran Xu; Michael A. Shapiro; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-24)
Dynamic Phase Alignment in Inertial Alfven Turbulence
Lucio M. Milanese; Nuno F. Loureiro; Maximilian Daschner; Stanislav Boldyrev
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-22)
Dimensionless Parameter Scaling of Intrinsic Torque in C-Mod Enhanced Confinement Plasmas
J.E. Rice; N.M. Cao; T. Tala; M.J. Greenwald; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; Y. Lin; E.S. Marmar; M.L. Reinke; P. Rodriguez Fernandez; A. Salmi
Abstract in HTML (2021-05-04)
Fiber optic quench detection for large-scale HTS magnets demonstrated on VIPER cable during high-fidelity testing at the SULTAN facility
Erica Elizabeth Salazar; Rodney Alan Badcock; Marta Bajko; Bernardo Castaldo; Mike Davies; Jose Estrada; Vincent Fry; Jofferson T. Gonzales; Phillip Michael; Michael Segal; Rui Vieira; Zachary Hartwig
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-22)
Quantifying experimental edge plasma evolution via multidimensional adaptive Gaussian process regression
Abhilash Mathews; Jerry W. Hughes
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-19)
First Observation of Increased DT Yield over Prediction due to Addition of Hydrogen
Y. Kim; H. W. Herrmann; N. M. Hoffman; M. J. Schmitt; G. Kagan; A. M. McEvoy; A. B. Zylstra; J. M. Smidt; S. Gales; A. Leatherland; M. Rubery; M. Gatu Johnson; J. A. Frenje; V. Yu Glebov; C. Forrest
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-17)
Physics basis for the ICRF system of the SPARC tokamak
Y. Lin; J. C. Wright; S. J. Wukitch
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-19)
Overview of the SPARC tokamak
A. J. Creely; M. J. Greenwald; S. B. Ballinger; D. Brunner; J. Canik; J. Doody; T. Fülöp; D. T. Garnier; R. Granetz; T. K. Gray; C. Holland; N. T. Howard; J. W. Hughes; J. H. Irby; V. A. Izzo; G. J. Kramer; A. Q. Kuang; B. LaBombard; Y. Lin; B. Lipschultz; N. C. Logan; J. D. Lore; E. S. Marmar; K. Montes; R. T. Mumgaard; C. Paz-Soldan; C. Rea; M. L. Reinke; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; K. Särkimäki; F. Sciortino; S. D. Scott; A. Snicker; P. B. Snyder; B. N. Sorbom; R. Sweeney; R. A. Tinguely; E. A. Tolman; M. Umansky; O. Vallhagen; J. Varje; D. G. Whyte; J. C. Wright; S. J. Wukitch; J. Zhu; the Sparc Team
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-17)
Using millimeter-sized carbon-deuterium foils for high-precision deuterium-tritium neutron spectrum measurements in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion at the OMEGA laser facility
M. Gatu Johnson; B. Aguirre; J. Armstrong; J.A. Fooks; C. Forrest; J.A. Frenje; V.Yu. Glebov; M. Hoppe; J. Katz; J.P. Knauer; W. Martin; C.E. Parker; H.G. Reynolds; M.E. Schoff; F.H. Séguin; C. Sorce; B. Sperry; C. Stoeckl; R.D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2021-02-25)
Inference of Experimental Radial Impurity Transport on Alcator C-Mod: Bayesian Parameter Estimation and Model Selection.
F. Sciortino; N.T. Howard; E.S. Marmar; T. Odstrcil; N.M. Cao; R. Dux; A.E. Hubbard; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; Y. Marzouk; L.M. Milanese; M.L. Reinke; J.E. Rice; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-17)
REBCO Flat-Tape Rutherford Cabling
Makoto Takayasu
Abstract in HTML (2021-03-12)
Contamination of Argon X-ray Spectra by Tungsten and Other Elements Commonly Found in Tokamaks
J.E. Rice; M. Gu; N.M. Cao; J.W. Hughes; M.L. Reinke; M. Sertoli; D. Vezinet
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-08)
Interpolating individual line-of-sight neutron spectrometer measurements onto the “sky” at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
E. P. Hartouni; R. M. Bionta; D. T. Casey; M. J. Eckart; M. Gatu-Johnson; G. P. Grim; K. D. Hahn; J. Jeet; S. M. Kerr; A. L. Kritcher; B. J. MacGowan; A. S. Moore; D. H. Munro; D. J. Schlossberg; A. Zylstra
Abstract in HTML (2021-04-28)
Top-level physics requirements and simulated performance of the MRSt on the National Ignition Facility
J. H. Kunimune; J. A. Frenje; G. P. A. Berg; C. A. Trosseille; R. C. Nora; C. S. Waltz; A. S. Moore; J. D. Kilkenny; A. J. Mackinnon
Abstract in HTML (2021-06-24)
Characterizing x-ray transmission through filters used in high energy density physics diagnostics
J. Pearcy; N. Kabadi; A. Birkel; P. Adrian; B. Lahmann; B. Reichelt; T. M. Johnson; G. Sutcliffe; J. Kunimune; M. Gatu-Johnson; A. Bose; C. K. Li
Abstract in HTML (2021-08-02)
Hotspot Parameter Scaling with Velocity and Yield for High Adiabat Layered Implosions on the National Ignition Facility
K. L. Baker; C. A. Thomas; D. T. Casey; M. Hohenberger; S. Khan; B. K. Spears; O. L. Landen; R. Nora; T. Woods; J. L. Milovich; R. L. Berger; D. Strozzi; C. Weber; D. Clark; O. A. Hurricane; D. A. Callahan; A. Kritcher; B. Bachmann; R. Benedetti; R. Bionta; P.M. Celliers; D. Fittinghoff; C. Goyon; R. Hatarik; N. Izumi; M. Gatu Johnson; G. Kyrala; T. Ma; K. Meaney; M. Millot; S. R. Nagel; P. K. Patel; D. Turnbull; P. L. Volegov; C. Yeamans; C. Wilde
Abstract in HTML (2021-08-16)
Reconstructing 3-D Asymmetries in Laser-Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA
O. M. Mannion; K. M. Woo; A. J. Crilly; C. J. Forrest; J. A. Frenje; V. Yu. Glebov; M. Gatu Johnson; J. P. Knauer; Z. L. Mohamed; M. H. Romanofsky; C. Stoeckl; W. Theobald; S. P. Regan
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-23)
One and Two Dimensional Quantum Lattice Algorithms for Maxwell Equations in Inhomogeneous Scalar Dielectric Media I: Theory
George Vahala; Linda Vahala; Min Soe; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-23)
One and Two Dimensional Quantum Lattice Algorithms for Maxwell Equations in Inhomogeneous Scalar Dielectric Media. II: Simulations
George Vahala; Min Soe; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2021-09-22)
Observation of Hydrodynamic Flows in Imploding Fusion Plasmas on the National Ignition Facility
D.J. Schlossberg; G.P. Grim; D.T. Casey; A.S. Moore; R. Nora; B. Bachmann; L.R. Benedetti; R.M. Bionta; M.J. Eckart; J.E. Field; D.N. Fittinghoff; M. Gatu Johnson; V. Geppert-Kleinrath; E.P. Hartouni; R. Hatarik; W.W. Hsing; L.C. Jarrott; S.F. Khan; J.D. Kilkenny; O.L. Landen; B.J. MacGowan; A.J. Mackinnon; K.D. Meaney; D.H. Munro; S.R. Nagel; A. Pak; P.K. Patel; B.K. Spears; P.L. Volegov; C.V. Young
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-21)
Impact of lithium wall conditioning and wave-frequency on high density lower hybrid current drive experiment on EAST
S. G. Baek; M. H. Li; G. M. Wallace; P. T. Bonoli; W. Choi; B. J. Ding; W. Gao; X. Gong; Y. C. Li; S. Lin; L. Meng; F. Poli; S. Shiraiwa; M. Wang; Y. F. Wang; C. B. Wu; G. H. Yan; L. Wang; Q. Zang; H. Zhao
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-21)
Diagnostic development for parallel wave-number measurement of lower hybrid waves in EAST
Y. F. Wang; B. J. Ding; M. H. Li; S. G. Baek; G.M. Wallace; L. Liu; L. M. Zhao; M. Wang; Z. G. Wu; F. K. Liu; J. F. Shan; X. J. Zhang; Y. C. Li; C. B. Wu
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-17)
W0.5TaTiVCr-based composite reinforced with W-mesh for Fusion Plasma-Facing Applications
Waseem, Owais Ahmed; Ryu, Ho Jin
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-24)
Study of turbulence-induced refraction of lower hybrid waves using synthetic scrape-off layer filaments
Biswas, Bodhi; Baek, Seung Gyou; Bonoli, Paul; Shiraiwa, Syun'ichi; Wallace, Gregory; White, Anne
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-31)
Creation and sustainment of wide pedestal quiescent H-mode with zero net neutral beam torque
Burrell, K.H.; Chen, Xi; Chrystal, C.; Ernst, D.R.; Grierson, B.A.; Haskey, S.R.; Osborne, T.H.; Paz Soldan, C.; Wilks, T.M.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
Persistent-mode operation and magnetization behavior of a solid-nitrogen-cooled MgB2small-scale test coil towards a tabletop 1.5-T osteoporosis MRI
Choi, Yoonhyuck; Park, Dongkeun; Li, Yi; Tanaka, Hiromi; Lee, Wooseung; Bascunán, Juan; Iwasa, Yukikazu
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-22)
Parametric decay instabilities near the second-harmonic upper hybrid resonance in fusion plasmas
Hansen, S.K.; Nielsen, S.K.; Stober, J.; Rasmussen, J.; Stejner, M.; Hoelzl, M.; Jensen, T.
Abstract in HTML (2022-03-17)
Multisatellite MMS Analysis of Electron Holes in the Earth's Magnetotail: Origin, Properties, Velocity Gap, and Transverse Instability
Lotekar, A.; Vasko, I.Y.; Mozer, F.S.; Hutchinson, I.; Artemyev, A.V.; Bale, S.D.; Bonnell, J.W.; Ergun, R.; Giles, B.; Khotyaintsev, Yu.V.; Lindqvist, P. A.; Russell, C.T.; Strangeway, R.
Abstract in HTML (2023-10-31)
Observations of wall conditioning by means of boron powder injection in DIII-D H-mode plasmas
Bortolon, A.; Maingi, R.; Nagy, A.; Ren, J.; Duran, J.D.; Maan, A.; Donovan, D.C.; Boedo, J.A.; Rudakov, D.L.; Hyatt, A.W.; Wilks, T.W.; Shafer, M.W.; Samuell, C.M.; Fenstermacher, M.E.; Gilson, E.P.; Lunsford, R.; Mansfield, D.K.; Abrams, T.; Nazikian, R.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-17)
Weakly Magnetized, Hall Dominated Plasma Couette Flow
Flanagan, K.; Milhone, J.; Egedal, J.; Endrizzi, D.; Olson, J.; Peterson, E.E.; Sassella, R.; Forest, C.B.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-17)
Tearing Instability in Alfven and Kinetic-Alfven Turbulence
Boldyrev, S.; Loureiro, N.F.
Abstract in HTML (2022-02-09)
Particle Trapping in Axisymmetric Electron Holes
Hutchinson; I.H.
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-17)
Prototype REBCO Z1 and Z2 shim coils for ultra high?fieldhigh?temperature superconducting NMR magnets
Dongkeun Park; Jiho Lee; Juan Bascuñán; Zhuyong LiYukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
A simple screening current simulation method using equivalent circuit model for REBCO pancake coils
So Noguchi; Teki Imai; Dongkeun Park; Seungyong Hahn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
Hot-Spot Modeling of REBCO NI Pancake Coil: Analytical and Experimental Approaches
Wooseung Lee; Dongkeun Park; Yoonhyuck Choi; Yi Li; Juan Bascuñán; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-06)
An MgB2 Superconducting Joint with its own Heat-Treatment Schedule
Hiromi Tanaka; Yi Li; Yoonhyuck Choi; Dongkeun Park; Wooseung Lee; Hideki Tanaka; Juan Bascuñàn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2022-06-16)
Hot-Spot Modeling of REBCO NI Pancake Coil: Analytical and Experimental Approaches
Wooseung Lee; Dongkeun Park; Yoonhyuck Choi; Yi Li; Juan Bascuñán; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2024-03-07)
One and Two Dimensional Quantum Lattice Algorithms for Maxwell Equations in Inhomogeneous Scalar Dielectric Media. II: Simulations
George Vahala; Min Soe; Linda Vahala; Abhay K. Ram