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RESERVE BOOKS: Intro to Plasma Physics

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Introduction to Plasma Physics I
6.651J, 8.612J & 22.661J
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QC718 .B45 2004

Bittencourt, J. A

Fundamentals of plasma physics 

QC718 .B45 2004

 QC718.C42 1984 F.F. Chen Introduction to Plasma Physics, 2nd edition,  Plenum Press, 1984. QC718.C39 1984
QC718 .F75 2007 Jeffrey P. Freidberg Plasma physics and fusion energy  QC718.F74 2007
 QC718.S54 1971 J.L. Shohet The Plasma State, Academic Press, 1971.  QC718.S559 1971
 QC718.T164 1967 B.S. Tanenbaum Plasma Physics, McGraw-Hill, 1967.  QC718.T164 1967
 QC717.6.H29 1998 R.D. Hazeltine and F.L. Waelbroeck The framework of plasma physics, Perseus Books, 1998.  QC717.6.H29 1998
 QC718.G63 1995 R.J. Goldston and P.H. Rutherford Introduction to Plasma Physics, IOP Publ., 1995.  QC718.G63 1995
 QC718.C55 1969 P.C. Clemmow and J.P. Dougherty Electrodynamics of Particles and Plasmas, Addison-Wesley,1969.  QC718.C626 1969
 QC718.S63 1962 L. Spitzer, Jr. Physics of Fully Ionized Gases, 2nd edit., Interscience- John Wiley, 1962.  QC718.S761 1962
 QC718.S31 1979 G. Schmidt Physics of high temperature Plasmas, (2nd edit., Academic Press, 1979. (recommended for theory or particle orbits)  QC718.5.H5.S35 1979
  QC718.B789 1969 T.J.M. Boyd and J.J. Sanderson  Plasma Dynamics, Barnes and Noble, 1969. (recommended for the statistical mechanics description of plasmas)  QC718.B789 1969
 QC718.D386 1993 R. Dendy (editor) Plasma Physics, Cambridge University
Press, 1993. (recommended for specific chapters on space and plasmas and on industrial plasmas)
QC718.D386 1993
 QC718.K72 1973 N.A. Krall and A.W. Trivelpiece Principles of Plasma Physics, McGraw-Hill, 1973, reissued by San Francisco Press, 1986.  QC718.K89 1973
 QC718.S78.I23 1973 S. Ichimaru Principles of Plasma Physics- a Statistical Approach, W.H. Benjamin, 1973.  QC718.5.S78.I26 1973
2.Plasma Waves      
 QC718.5.W3.S75 1992 T.H. Stix Waves in Plasmas, American Institute of Physics, 1992.  QC718.5.W3.S75 1992
3.Plasma Diagnostics      
 QC718.H8 1965 R.H. Huddlestone and S.L. Leonard Plasma Diagnostic Techniques, Academic Press, 1965.  QC718.H884 1965
 QC718.5.D5.H88 1987  I.H. Hutchinson Principles of Plasma Diagnostics, Cambridge University Press, 1987.  QC718.5.D5.H88 1987
4.Magnetic Confinement Fusion      
 QC718.R61 1961 D.J. Rose and M. Clark, Jr. Plasmas and Controlled Fusion, MIT Press and John Wiley, 1961.  QC718.R795 1961
 QC718.M49 1987 K. Miyamoto Plasma Physics for Nuclear Fusion, MIT Press, Revised Edition, 1989.  QC718.M5913 1989
 QC718.5.C65.W47 1997  J. Wesson Tokamaks,2nd edit., Oxford University Press, 1996.  QC718.5.C65.W47 1997
5.Plasma Astrophysics      
 QB462.7.T35 1997  T. Tajima and K. Shibata Plasma Astrophysics, Addison-Wesley,1997.  QB462.7.T35 1997