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The PSFC Library assigns sequential numbers to relevant reports and processes manuscripts for electronic and paper archival storage and dissemination. 

  • The JA ("Journal Article") series of reports are preprints; these manuscripts are made available to the scientific community by the PSFC prior to actual publication in peer-reviewed journals.   Often, manuscripts are revised by journal editors, however the PSFC preprint remains unchanged.  Contributions to conferences are considered JA reports.
  • The RR ("Research Report") series of reports are manuscripts that do not qualify as journal articles because of content (quarterly reports, research findings and projects not of topical interest to journals).  Many graduate theses are assigned RR numbers, since their content includes research relevant to the Lab's mission.
  • The CP ("Conference Proceedings") series of reports are manuscripts that were submitted for publication in print compilations (either invited or contributed) which document scientific findings presented at field-specific conferences and symposia.   Since conference proceedings often appear in scientific and academic journals, a JA designation may have been assigned in lieu of the CP designation. The CP collection of reports is available in print form, only, in the Library archives.   No CP designations were assigned after 1990.
  • The IR ("Internal Report") series of reports are for internal circulation only, i.e. for Plasma [Science and] Fusion Center staff only.  The majority of the IR report collection is comprised of annual reports to the President [of MIT] from the Director of the Lab.  The IR collection of reports is available in print form, only, in the Library archives.

PSFC authors should contact the Library for publication instructions or consult the online manual, PSFC Report Publishing: Report Submission Procedures & Resources.