Abstract: PSFC/JA-05-8

Density fluctuations on mm and Mpc scales

Basse, N.P.

We will in this paper report on suggestive similarities between density fluctuation power versus wavenumber on small (mm) and large (Mpc) scales.

The small scale measurements were made in fusion plasmas and compared to predictions from classical fluid turbulence theory. The data is consistent with the dissipative range of 2D turbulence. Alternatively, the results can be fitted to a functional form that can not be explained by turbulence theory.

The large scale measurements were part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxy redshift examination. We found that the equations describing fusion plasmas also hold for the galaxy data.

The comparable dependency of density fluctuation power on wavenumber in fusion plasmas and galaxies might indicate a common origin of these fluctuations.


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Key words: Density fluctuations, Wavenumber spectra, Fusion plasmas, Galaxies, Turbulence

PACS: 52.25.Fi, 52.35.Ra, 98.80.Bp, 98.80.Es