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About Electronic Journals

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When using electronic journals, please note....
  • FULL TEXT: not all journals are available in full text; sometimes only abstracts and/or table of contents are available

  • BACK ISSUES: availability of back issues (archives) varies by journal title and publisher

  • "SELECTIONS":electronic versions of current issues are sometimes incomplete: only "selections" are on the Web

  • CURRENT ISSUE: the most current issue may not yet be posted (the print version may already be available in the Library)

  • READER SOFTWARE: access to full text online often requires Adobe Acrobat reader for PDF software or Ghostview for PostScript files

  • JOURNAL HOME PAGE: some publishers provide only a description of the journal itself, i.e. the journal "home page"

  • ACCESS: VIA PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS: access to many of these electronic journals is either dependent upon our paid print subscription or is licensed by the main MIT libraries, according to the following conditions of use:

    • Use of many of these resources is governed by license agreements which restrict use to the MIT community and to individuals who use the MIT Libraries' facilities. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that he or she uses these products only for individual, noncommercial use without systematically downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information. The use of software such as scripts, agents, or robots, is generally prohibited and may result in loss of access to these resources for the entire MIT community.
  • ACCESS: ON AND OFF CAMPUS: some journals are restricted to on-campus computers only; others are recognized with tether connections. For more information about off-campus access, click here .

  • PASSWORDS: Passwords are not required for access to any licensed journal. Most electronic journal providers identify authorized users via IP (Internet Protocol) address. This means that your computer must be located within a recognized MIT facility. For information about off-campus access, click here .

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Internet Explorer (IE) is Microsoft's Web browser that ships with the Windows operating system and is tightly integrated with the Windows desktop. While IE is supported at MIT on Windows, Netscape remains the supported browser for the Macintosh, because IE for the Macintosh does not support personal certificates.For more information about supported browsers, consult the MIT I/S web page .

    • Some electronic journal providers rely exclusively on authentication certificates rather than IP (Internet Protocol) address identification. Therefore, it is extremely important to access an electronic journal via the links provided by the PSFC Library's electronic journals links , or through the links provided by MIT Libraries' VERA (Virtual Electronic Resource Access) .

  • BELL: BURIED E-JOURNAL LOCATOR LIST: All the journals, newspapers, etc. that used to be in BELL have now been integrated into MIT Libraries' VERA (Virtual Electronic Resource Access). Therefore, you should be able to find all titles we subscribe to electronically in VERA.
  • SHORT-CUT URLS TO ELECTRONIC JOURNALS & DATABASES: Since many of the URLs are long, complex, and changing, Main Libraries has set up a system of "shortcut" URLs that will take you directly to each entry. These shortcuts are designed to be easy to remember, up to date, and shorter than the actual URLs. The link to shortcuts can be found by clicking here .