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Print Journal Cancellations

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Due to budgetary constraints in 1999, and  due to increased subscription costs in 2002, the Library Committee decided that the print subscriptions to many journals could be discontinued.  It was decided that this change of service would not pose a hardship to the PSFC research community, since electronic access will continue.

Journal subscription cancellations (hard copy only):

  • APS Bulletin 
  • Comments on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 
  • Commerce Business Daily Weekly 
  • Cryogenics 
  • Fusion Power Report 
  • Fusion Power Associates Newsletter 
  • IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 
  • IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 
  • IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 
  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 
  • IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 
  • IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
  • JETP Letters 
  • Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 
  • Journal of Applied Physics 
  • Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 
  • Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B
  • Nature 
  • Physical Review A 
  • Physical Review E 
  • Physics of Fluids 
  • Plasma Physics Reports 
  • Review of Scientific Instruments