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Abstract in HTML (2019-03-20)
Fusion Energy: Research At the Crossroads
Martin Greenwald
Abstract in HTML (2019-04-05)
Neutron diagnostics for the physics of a high-field, compact, Q > 1 tokamak
R.A. Tinguely; A. Rosenthal; R. Simpson; S.B. Ballinger; A.J. Creely; S. Frank; A.Q. Kuang; B.L. Linehan; W. McCarthy; L.M. Milanese; K.J. Montes; T. Mouratidis; J.F. Picard; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; A.J. Sandberg; F. Sciortino; E.A. Tolman; M. Zhou; B.N. Sorbom; Z.S. Hartwig; A.E. White
Abstract in HTML (2019-04-05)
A Real-Time Machine Learning-Based Disruption Predictor on DIII-D
C. Rea; K.J. Montes; K.G. Erickson; R.S. Granetz; R.A. Tinguely
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Machine learning for disruption warning on Alcator C-Mod, DIII-D, and EAST
K. J. Montes; C. Rea; R. S. Granetz; R. A. Tinguely; N. Eidietis; O. M. Meneghini; D. L. Chen; B. Shen; B. J. Xiao; K. Erickson; M. D. Boyer
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Compact, Low-Cost, Light-Weight, Superconducting, Ironless Cyclotrons for Hadron Radiotherapy
Joseph V. Minervini; Leslie Bromberg; Philip Michael; Alexey Radovinsky; Daniel Winklehner
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-27)
Collisional alpha transport in a weakly non-quasisymmetric stellarator magnetic field
Catto; Peter J.
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-13)
Confinement regime identification on Alcator C-Mod using supervised machine learning methods
A. Mathews; J.W. Hughes; A.E. Hubbard; D.G. Whyte; S.M. Wolfe; T. Golfinopoulos; D. Brunner; R.S. Granetz; C. Rea; A.E. White; Alcator C-Mod Team
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-20)
Experimental Energy Confinement Time Scaling with Dimensionless Parameters in C-Mod I-mode Plasmas
T.M. Wilks; S. Wolfe; J.W. Hughes; A.E. Hubbard; M. Greenwald; N. Cao; J. E. Rice; M. Reinke
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Potential impacts of liquid metal plasma facing components on heating and current drive actuators for a Fusion Nuclear Science Facility
G.M. Wallace; C.E. Kessel; J. Hosea; R. Majeski; J.R. Wilson; T. Rognlien; L.M. Waganer
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
A simple protection evaluation method for no-insulation REBCO pancake coils during local normal-state transition
So Noguchi; Seungyong Hahn; Atsushi Ishiyama; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
A simple screening current-induced magnetic field estimation method for REBCO pancake coils
So Noguchi; Hiroshi Ueda; Seungyong Hahn; Atsushi Ishiyama; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-01-14)
Theoretical explanations of I-mode impurity removal and H-mode poloidal pedestal asymmetries
Silvia Espinosa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
A novel REBCO conductor design to reduce screening-current field in REBCO magnets
Mingyang Wang; Zhuyong Li; Yufan Yan; Min Zhang; Jie Sheng; Zhiyong Hong; Zhijian Jin; Yukikazu Iwasa; Timing Qu
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-28)
Experimental and synthetic measurements of polarized synchrotron emission from runaway electrons in Alcator C-Mod
R.A. Tinguely; M. Hoppe; R.S. Granetz; R.T. Mumgaard; S. Scott
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-05)
Theory of the Drift-Wave Instability at Arbitrary Collisionality
R. Jorge; P. Ricci; N. F. Loureiro
Abstract in HTML (2019-01-18)
Observation of Efficient Lower Hybrid Current Drive at High Density in Diverted Plasmas on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak
S. G. Baek; G. M. Wallace; P. T. Bonoli; D. Brunner; I. C. Faust; A. E. Hubbard; J. W. Hughes; B. LaBombard; R. R. Parker; M. Porkolab; S. Shiraiwa; S. Wukitch
Abstract in HTML (2018-11-01)
Calculations in the theory of tearing instability
Stanislav Boldyrev; Nuno F. Loureiro
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-04)
Spatiotemporal evolution of runaway electrons from synchrotron images in Alcator C-Mod
R.A. Tinguely; R.S. Granetz; M. Hoppe; O. Embreus
Abstract in HTML (2019-01-07)
Collisional alpha transport in a weakly rippled magnetic field
Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2018-11-27)
Symmetric spectrum current drive due to finite radial drift effects
Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-04)
Numerical Study of Inertial Kinetic-Alfven Turbulence
Vadim Roytershteyn; Stanislav Boldyrev; Gian Luca Delzanno; Christopher H. K. Chen; Daniel Groselj; Nuno F. Loureiro
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-06)
Impact of asymmetries on fuel performance in Inertial Confinement Fusion
M. Gatu Johnson; B.D. Appelbe; J.P. Chittenden; J. Delettrez; C. Forrest; J.A. Frenje; V.Yu. Glebov; W. Grimble; B.M. Haines; I. Igumenshchev; R. Janezic; J.P. Knauer; B. Lahmann; F. Marshall; T. Michel; F.H. Séguin; C. Stoeckl; C. Walsh; A.B. Zylstra; R.D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-04)
Experimental Validation of Low-Z Ion-Stopping Formalisms Around the Bragg Peak in High-Energy-Density Plasmas
J. A. Frenje; R. Florido; R. Mancini; T. Nagayama; P. E. Grabowski; H. Rinderknecht; H. Sio; A. Zylstra; M. Gatu Johnson; C. K. Li; F. H. Séguin; R. D. Petrasso; V. Yu Glebov; S. P. Regan
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-20)
Practical Gyrokinetics
Peter J. Catto
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-03)
Implementation of the foil-on-hohlraum technique for the magnetic recoil spectrometer for time-resolved neutron measurements at the National Ignition Facility
C.E. Parker; J.A. Frenje; M. Gatu Johnson; D.J. Schlossberg; H.G. Reynolds; L. Berzak Hopkins; R. Bionta; D.T. Casey; S.J. Felker; T.J. Hilsabeck; J.D. Kilkenny; C.K. Li; A.J. Mackinnon; H. Robey; M.E. Schoff; F.H. Seguin; C.W. Wink; R.D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2018-12-04)
Linear Theory of Electron-Plasma Waves at Arbitrary Collisionality
R. Jorge; P. Ricci; S. Brunner; S. Gamba; V. Konovets; N. F. Loureiro; L. M. Perrone; N. Teixeira
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-27)
Radiative Heat Exhaust in Alcator C-Mod I-Mode Plasmas
M.L. Reinke; D. Brunner; T. Golfinopoulos; A.E. Hubbard; J.W. Hughes; A.Q. Kuang; B. LaBombard; E. Marmar; R. Mumgaard; J.L. Terry; J. Lore; J. Canik; I. Cziegler
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-27)
Avoidance of Impurity-Induced Current Quench Using Lower Hybrid Current Drive
M.L. Reinke; S. Scott; R. Granetz; J.W. Hughes; S.G. Baek; S. Shiraiwa; R.A. Tinguely S. Wukitch
Abstract in HTML (2019-03-11)
Impact of imposed mode 2 laser drive asymmetry on inertial confinement fusion implosions
M. Gatu Johnson; B.D. Appelbe; J.P. Chittenden; A. Crilly; J. Delettrez; C. Forrest; J.A. Frenje; V.Yu. Glebov; W. Grimble; B.M. Haines; I. Igumenshchev; R. Janezic; J.P. Knauer; B. Lahmann; F.J. Marshall; T. Michel; F.H. Séguin; C. Stoeckl; C. Walsh; A.B. Zylstra; R.D. Petrasso
Abstract in HTML (2019-02-14)
Generation of High-Power, Reversed-Cherenkov Wakefield Radiation in a Metamaterial Structure
Xueying Lu; Michael A. Shapiro; Ivan Mastovsky; Richard J. Temkin; Manoel Conde; John G. POwer; Jihang SHao; Eric E. Wisniewski; Chunguang Jing
Abstract in HTML (2019-01-30)
Mode-conversion of the extraordinary wave at the upper hybrid resonance in the presence of small-amplitude density fluctuations
N. A. Lopez; A. K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2019-03-12)
Diffraction of radio frequency waves by spatially modulated interfaces in the plasma edge in tokamaks
A. D. Papadopoulos; E. N. Glytsis; S. I. Valvis; P. Papagiannis; A. K. Ram; K. Hizanidis; A. Zisis
Abstract in HTML (2019-03-11)
Tripled yield in direct-drive laser fusion through statistical modelling
V. Gopalaswamy; R. Betti; J. P. Knauer; N. Luciani; D. Patel; K. M. Woo; A. Bose; I. V. Igumenshchev; E. M. Campbell; K. S. Anderson; K. A. Bauer; M. J. Bonino; D. Cao; A. R. Christopherson; G. W. Collins; T. J. B. Collins; J. R. Davies; J. A. Delettrez; D. H. Edgell; R. Epstein; C. J. Forrest; D. H. Froula; V. Yu. Glebov; V. N. Goncharov; D. R. Harding; S. X. Hu; D. W. Jacobs-Perkins; R. T. Janezic; J. H. Kelly; O. M. Mannion; A. Maximov; F. J. Marshall; D. T. Michel; S. Miller; S. F. B. Morse; J. Palastro; J. Peebles; P. B. Radha; S. P. Regan; S. Sampat; T. C. Sangster; A. B. Sefkow; W. Seka; R. C. Shah; W. T. Shmyada; A. Shvydky; C. Stoeckl; A. A. Solodov; W. Theobald; J. D. Zuegel; M. Gatu Johnson; R. D. Petrasso; C. K. Li; J. A. Frenje
Abstract in HTML (2019-03-15)
Current drive by high intensity, pulsed, electron cyclotron wave packets
Abhay K. Ram; Kyriakos Hizanidis; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2019-03-12)
Theoretical and computational studies on the scattering of radio frequency waves by fluctuations
A.K. Ram; Z. Ioannidis; K. Hizanidis; S.-I. Valvis; A. Papadopoulos; A. Zisis; I. Tigelis
Abstract in HTML (2019-04-09)
Gyrokinetic Landau collision operator in conservative form
Qingjiang Pan and Darin R. Ernst
Abstract in HTML (2019-02-21)
Linear Theory of Instabilities Generated by an Electron Beam in a Metamaterial-Loaded Waveguide
Xueying Lu; Michael A. Shapiro; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-27)
Measurement of internal dark current in a 17 GHz, high gradient accelerator structure
Haoran Xu; Michael A. Shapiro; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2019-04-09)
Plasma fluctuations in the scrape-off layer and at the divertor target in Alcator C-Mod and their relationship to divertor collisionality and density shoulder formation.
A.Q. Kuang; B. LaBombard; D. Brunner; O.E. Garcia; R. Kube; A. Theodorsen
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Up/Down Impurity Density Asymmetries in C-Mod Plasmas
J.E. Rice; M.L. Reinke; N. Cao; J.W. Hughes; J.M.A. Ashbourn; D.R. Ernst; A.E. Hubbard; J.H. Irby
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Advanced homogenization techniques in a tokamak plasma medium with ellipsoidal blobs: Mathematical treatment
F. Bairaktaris; K. Hizanidis; P. Papagiannis; A.K. Ram
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Homogenization theory for the effective permittivity of a turbulent tokamak plasma in the scrape-off layer
F. Bairaktaris; K. Hizanidis; A. K. Ram; P. Papagiannis; C. Tsironis; Y. Kominis; E. Glytsis; O. Chellai; S. Alberti; I. Furno
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Characterization of magnetic field lines in connection with the transport of field lines in Beltrami magnetic fields
Subha Samanta; M. S. Janaki; Abhay K. Ram; Brahmananda Dasgupta
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-27)
Edge transport and mode structure of a QCM-like fluctuation driven by the Shoelace antenna
Theodore Golfinopoulos; Brian LaBombard; Daniel Brunner; Jim L. Terry; Seung Gyou Baek; Paul C. Ennever; Eric M. Edlund; Woonghee Han; William M. Burke; Stephen M. Wolfe; James H. Irby; Jerry W. Hughes; Edward W. Fitzgerald; Robert S. Granetz; Martin J. Greenwald; Rick Leccacorvi; Earl S. Marmar; Samuel Z. Pierson; Miklos Porkolab; Rui Vieira; Stephen J. Wukitch
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Unitary Qubit Lattice Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Vortex Solitons in Hyperbolic Self-Defocusing Media
Linda Vahala; George Vahala; Min Soe; Abhay Ram; Jeffrey Yepez
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
RF beam scattering by cylindrical filaments and interfacial density fluctuations
S. I. Valvis; A. Zisis; A. Papadopoulos; P. Papagiannis; A. K. Ram; K. Hizanidis; I. G. Tigelis; E. Glytsis
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Scattering of radio frequency waves by cylindrical filaments with general orientation relative to the magnetic field
S. I. Valvis; A. K. Ram; K. Hizanidis; P. Papagiannis; A. Papadopoulos; A. Zisis; I. G. Tigelis; E. Glytsis
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Design of a Tabletop Liquid-Helium-Free 23.5-T Magnet Prototype Toward 1-GHz Microcoil NMR
Dongkeun Park; Yoon Hyuck Choi; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Assembly and Test of a 3-Nested-Coil 800-MHz REBCO Insert (H800) for the MIT 1.3 GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet
Philip C. Michael; Dongkeun Park; Yoon Hyuck Choi; Jiho Lee; Yi Li; Juan Bascu˜n´an; So Noguchi; Seungyong Hahn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
MIT 1.3-GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet: Post Quench Analysis and New 800-MHz Insert Design
Dongkeun Park; Juan Bascuñán; Philip C. Michael; Jiho Lee; Yoon Hyuck Choi; Yi Li; Seungyong Hahn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Quench Analyses of the MIT 1.3-GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet
So Noguchi; Dongkeun Park; Yoonhyuch Choi; Jiho Lee; Yi Li; Philip C. Michael; Juan Bascuñán; Seungyong Hahn; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
Experimental and Numerical Studies on a Method to Mitigate Screening Current-Induced Field for No-Insulation REBCO Coils
Jiho Lee; Dongkeun Park; Yi Li; Yoon Hyuck Choi; Philip C. Michael; Juan Bascuñân; Yukikazu Iwasa
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-26)
A Tabletop Persistent-Mode, Liquid Helium-Free 1.5-T MgB2 “Finger” MRI Magnet: Construction and Operation of a Prototype Magnet
Yoon Hyuck Choi; Yi Li; Dongkeun Park; Jiho Lee; Philip C. Michael; Juan Bascuñàn; John P. Voccio; Yukikazu Iwasa; Hideki Tanaka
Abstract in HTML (2019-01-18)
High Power Long Pulse Microwave Generation from a Metamaterial Structure with Reverse Symmetry
Xueying Lu; Jacob C. Stephens; Ivan Mastovsky; Michael A. Shapiro; Richard J. Temkin
Abstract in HTML (2019-04-30)
On the rho* scaling of intrinsic rotation in C-Mod plasmas with edge transport barriers
J.E. Rice; J.W. Hughes; P.H. Diamond; N. Cao; M.A. Chilenski; A.E. Hubbard; J.H. Irby; Y. Kosuga; Y. Lin; I.W. Metcalf; M.L. Reinke; E.A. Tolman; M.M. Victora; S.M. Wolfe; S.J. Wukitch
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-13)
X-ray Observations of K_beta Emission from Medium Z He-like Ions in C-Mod Tokamak Plasmas
J.E. Rice; F.B. Rosmej; N. Cao; M. Chilenski; N.T. Howard; A.E. Hubbard; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; Y. Lin; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; S.M. Wolfe; S.J. Wukitch; M. Bitter; L. Delgado-Aparicio; K. Hill; M.L. Reinke