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Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Compact, Low-Cost, Light-Weight, Superconducting, Ironless Cyclotrons for Hadron Radiotherapy
Joseph V. Minervini; Leslie Bromberg; Philip Michael; Alexey Radovinsky; Daniel Winklehner
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-13)
Confinement regime identification on Alcator C-Mod using supervised machine learning methods
A. Mathews; J.W. Hughes; A.E. Hubbard; D.G. Whyte; S.M. Wolfe; T. Golfinopoulos; D. Brunner; R.S. Granetz; C. Rea; A.E. White; Alcator C-Mod Team
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-20)
Experimental Energy Confinement Time Scaling with Dimensionless Parameters in C-Mod I-mode Plasmas
T.M. Wilks; S. Wolfe; J.W. Hughes; A.E. Hubbard; M. Greenwald; N. Cao; J. E. Rice; M. Reinke
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Potential impacts of liquid metal plasma facing components on heating and current drive actuators for a Fusion Nuclear Science Facility
G.M. Wallace; C.E. Kessel; J. Hosea; R. Majeski; J.R. Wilson; T. Rognlien; L.M. Waganer
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-18)
Up/Down Impurity Density Asymmetries in C-Mod Plasmas
J.E. Rice; M.L. Reinke; N. Cao; J.W. Hughes; J.M.A. Ashbourn; D.R. Ernst; A.E. Hubbard; J.H. Irby
Abstract in HTML (2019-06-13)
X-ray Observations of K_beta Emission from Medium Z He-like Ions in C-Mod Tokamak Plasmas
J.E. Rice; F.B. Rosmej; N. Cao; M. Chilenski; N.T. Howard; A.E. Hubbard; J.W. Hughes; J.H. Irby; Y. Lin; P. Rodriguez-Fernandez; S.M. Wolfe; S.J. Wukitch; M. Bitter; L. Delgado-Aparicio; K. Hill; M.L. Reinke